Transportation changes and ways to go green.

Transportation changes and ways to go green.

Today, when we’ve got to get somewhere, most of us just head outside, jump in the car, and off we go.  For most of us, there’s a car parked in our driveway.  And if not, it’s easy for us to get downtown and take the subway to wherever we need to be. But how can we get where we need to be a go green at the same time? 

The advances in technology have brought opportunities that people before us never knew.  Even though Leonardo Da Vinci was dreaming up flying machines in the 1600s, the first successful flight by the Wright brothers didn’t happen until 1903.

Years ago, transportation was, at the very core, simple.  It was also relatively quiet, and didn’t produce harmful byproducts by way of pollution into the air.  Walking, boats, and moving from place to place by horse and carriage were all basic ways that people got around. And they were great ways to go green. 

However, the 1800s brought the invention of the steam locomotive and the automobile.  And, at the end of that century, the bicycle came onto stage.

Just a few short years later, Henry Ford’s assembly line made personal cars a realistic option for more people.  As time went on, the number of cars on the road gradually increased.  And then?  Then came buses, and jet airliners, and other forms of public transportation.

There’s a lot that could be said about how these advances in transportation technology have made our lives easier and provided opportunities for travel like never before.  However, in addition to the pluses, there have been some negatives as well, and one of those would certainly be pollution.

Transportation is a huge contributor to air pollution.  The more we drive, the more junk we put into the air (unless we’ve made the switch to fully electric vehicles).  And even though we may not be able to stop traveling from Point A to Point B, we can make smarter transportation choices that don’t affect the environment as much as other options.

Choosing a motorcoach is a green choice, because each coach removes up to 57 other personal vehicles from the road.  This allows for reduced pollutants in the air and roads that are less congested, too.  We’ve come a long way in the history of transportation, and it’s kind of amazing to think about how much the world has changed.  We can do our part for the earth by making choices that are better for this place we call home, and one of those choices is to choose a motorcoach and go green! Learn more about our green initiative here: