There’s Nothing Like An Excellent Dessert

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There’s Nothing Like An Excellent Dessert

What is it about dessert that creates us satisfied, something about our desired form of sugar that does the trick? Heading out to a fancy restaurant and choosing your favorite yum soon after a scrumptious meal is pretty lovely, yet it feels even better to serve and prepare something up to family and friends that knocks their socks off, transporting them to some delicious place of culinary ecstasy.

Buuuuuuut. Not all of us have the same sweet tooth. Someone might love chocolate and caramel, while other people are attracted to berries or something that isn’t quite as decadent and rich. In either case, when you’re thinking about dessert for your next event or a guilty pleasure to make at the end of a hard week, we’ve put some appealing sweets into the following five varieties to help you brainstorm and opt for something that will satisfy.

Something cool. Relax with an ice cream cake! Life is short, and if ice cream brings you joy, sometimes you just gotta capitalize on that.

Something fruity. And when you want something fruity, there are great combos all throughout the year. How about strawberry shortcake or a lemon blueberry pound cake with whipped cream and strawberries on top in the springtime?

Chocolate. The perfect chocolate chip cookie that has just the right balance of chew and snap. The recipe for chocolate sheet cake that has been handed down ever since your great-grandmother.

German chocolate cake. Banana cream, cherry, apple, lemon, chocolate, pecan, rhubarb custard, berry, coconut cream, pumpkin, or fresh peach. And, honestly, let’s just go get a container of whipped cream for added joy and inspiration, too.

Small bites. Cuz sometimes you want something sweet, but you don’t want to overdo it. A tiny teaser will be just the thing to attend to your craving. Brownie bites. Homemade caramels. Chocolate truffles. Mini cupcakes. Cookie dough bites. Donut holes. Individual fruit tarts. Eclairs. Small bread pudding cups. Whoopie pies with lush, smooth frosting. Chocolate covered strawberries. Macaroons. Cannoli. And remember that classic mix of graham cracker, marshmallow, and some good chocolate for a delicious little s’more.

Ummmm … so yeah, did any of you review this and end up salivating? Think Bill Murray in What About Bob (“I need, I need, I need, I need!”). Yup, kind of like that. And if you want to steal away to the kitchen immediately for something sweet, we understand. (We want to, too.) But, if you want to go beyond that and acquire some new cooking skills and whip up a fresh dessert or two, consider booking a cooking tour with us. Maybe you’ll eventually learn how to make a pie crust from scratch that you can feel good about, or get a handle on how you can make melt-in-your-mouth pudding that has that velvety texture you’ve never been able to pull off. It’s at your fingertips, and we’re only a call away. Schedule a cooking tour with us today!