The Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Charter Bus Houston, Texas

The Theory of Multiple Intelligences

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There have never been many educational opportunities because there are today. Ours is a period of access to info. There are a myriad of programs and curriculums offered online, technology makes it possible to have individualized tutoring at an fashion, and substances are taught in a variety of ways.

The IQ test was deemed the perfect way to measure a individual’s intelligence. After taking the exam, an individual receives a number which reflects how “smart” they’re on a general spectrum of intellect. But then someone called Howard Gardner introduced MI (multiple intelligences) theory–a theory that asserts that there are different types of “smarts,” so to speak.

Curious what the intelligences are? Say hello to linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical bodily-kinesthetic, inter-personal, intrapersonal, and naturalist. Today he believes there may be a few more too: one that he refers to as existential, and another as pedagogical. These intelligence categories encompass all sorts of competencies, and understanding of MI theory can be helpful for both teachers and students alike.

If you’re an instructor, you’re interested in what about implementing this theory Gardner has to say. First, he says we ought to attempt to make our teaching and evaluations as person-specific as possible. If you accept that people learn in a variety of ways, it seems sensible that obtaining a feeling of the overall wisdom of someone and teaching styles and comprehension should be an individualized procedure. And second? It is necessary to pluralize our teaching, which means we clarify the material in numerous strategies to our pupils.

If we are able to use those two suggestions When possible, Gardner says that two things occur: you’ll get a understanding of a principle, idea, or theory if it can be explained by you in lots of ways, and more people will understand what you’re teaching.

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All for the post of the information came in the subsequent lecture by Dr. Gardner: See it to examine what we’ve discussed and find out!