Summertime Bites to Eat!

Bites to Eat, Charter Bus Rental Texas

Summertime Bites to Eat!

Now that the warm summer months are here, many people are typically out vacationing, hanging out with friends and family, absorbing some rays at the pool, or enjoying the summer sport opportunities available where they live (rock climbing, anyone?). And, it goes without saying, but any time there are folks gathered together to play in the sun, people usually get hungry and want something to snack on. Whatever you’re craving, we hope all of these tips will make a hit and guide you pack well so you can play hard!

HEALTHY. A number of folks will equate vacation with resting and not being as careful about their nutrition. If you’re one of those that don’t want to completely throw in the towel and jump off the bandwagon, here are a few suggestions. Try hummus with chopped vegetables, sliced fruit, cut up melon (so good! … especially if it’s chilled), snap peas, raw nuts, craisins or raisins, blueberries, cherries, homemade granola, or some fruit leather.

SALTY. It seems like time in the sun often makes you want stuff that’s salty. There’s nothing like getting a canister of smoked, salted almonds around or your favorite bag of seasoned sunflower seeds. It’s easy to get a box of numerous individual chip bags so everyone can find a flavor they like, and pretzels make a great snack as well. Crackers and trail mix are always a good option, too.

SWEETS. Vacations always seem to be the time when you let loose a little bit and have some treats. Starbursts, salt water taffy, red vines, peanut M&M s, Swedish fish, and fun size candy bars all can hit the spot, and they’re easy to pick up in bulk or get several different kinds in smaller bags. If you’ve got the time for it, nothing beats a batch of homemade cookies, and fruit by the foot and fruit snacks are sweet, quick, and don’t leave any mess behind (always a bonus).

EASY. Sometimes you don’t really have time to do much once you’ve got everybody ready to go. That’s why choices like jerky, pre-popped popcorn, granola bars, breakfast bars, or some cookies or donuts from the store are wonderful to go and grab.

CHILLED. When you’re spending lots of time in the sun, there’s nothing like something cold to help cool you down. Keeping the cooler stocked with ice cold sodas, fresh juices, or Gatorade is a nice thing for when you’re entertaining, spending time on the beach, or during the city’s big parade.

Plus, when you’re seeking out some culinary tips, think about calling to book a food tour with us! Come and be introduced to new flavors, try tasty bites, and give your culinary imagination a jump start with determination for things to make at home.