Skiing as a Family is Amazing!

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Skiing as a Family is Amazing!

Beginning as tiny babies, we learn, grow, and become independent by observing our parents. It is from them that we learn elemental life skills, as well as the behaviors we adopt when interacting with the world: social cues, manners, and the way we talk with people.

If this is true for all the major things in life, it certainly is true for some of the lighter things. We tend to share what we love with our kids, and that includes our hobbies and passions.

We have to be honest. We think it doesn’t get much better than hitting the slopes and navigating through fresh powder together when it comes to family activities. You can completely get an adrenaline rush on the mountain, but there’s another rush that comes as you watch your youngest kiddo developed into self-sufficient on the mountains. There’s no question about it; we think there are various benefits to being a skiing family, not the least of which are the observing points.

First and foremost, from the very beginning, understanding something new is a method of having to try, fail, and keep trying. Even when you’ve mastered the basic technique, there are step-by-step skill levels to be attained and you can become better and better as time occurs. Even if you are carrying this out because it’s something you enjoy, skiing can help you teach your children that life resembles that, too. Nobody starts out at the top. Instead, you must master the basics and put in the time to accustom yourself with the skill and afterwards improve gradually. It’s kind of nice when you can blend something you love with letting your kids learn a basic life skill, no?

Deciding on to be enthusiastic as a family leads to overall better health and helps instill a desire to choose movement when it’s time to cut loose from the everyday routine and relax. Putting your kids in this kind of situation helps engender in them a love for nature and beauty that can’t be replicated any other way.

Third, skiing allows them to carry out something that’s real. Now, especially before, we live in a world that is driven by constant “plugging in”: iPads, cell phones, social media, and computers have virtually adjusted how we interact daily, the way we interact, what we are able to share with each other, or even help us choose what we are planning to do on a weekend night. It’s good to say that technology has basically infiltrated every area of our lives from shopping to interacting, and education to vacationing. In ways that we can’t even thoroughly appreciate, our children are growing up in this world, and they spend much more time “plugged in,” and less time interacting in real-time, engaging with actual people, learning effective ways to have important talks in person, and polite behaviors that might, nowadays, be thought of old fashioned. Our kids often turn to electronics for their downtime: playing games, posting to and surfing social media, and chatting virtually with others. While technology has definitely brought incredible blessings and benefits, our kids need to know how to disengage from these things for a bit and have real knowledge in the actuality (rather than through a screen). Skiing is a good way to help with this!

As a final point, as it enters into your family culture and something that you’ve done for years, it will become more than just a sport you take pleasure in. This adventure will be associated with time with those you love, and the root of many cherished memories. Maybe it will bring to mind the time you spent in the Rockies one Christmas, when your grandparents rented a motorcoach and the whole family traveled together and stayed at a 5-star hotel while enjoying a 5-star ski resort. Maybe you’ll look through family photos and see your dad wearing the ski bibs you don’t forget him wearing as a child, and see your 7-year-old crooked grin staring back at you. The reality is: apart from the physical advantages, life lessons and all that jazz, it will build for you a reservoir of time with those you love that you’ll never regret.

While we’re sure you could list the details that enter your mind when you discuss why you love skiing with your family, these particular are just some of the points we considered. Skiing together is a good way to have a great time, stay healthy, and get the most out of today so that your memories are enjoyable for tomorrow.