Save on Your Houston Wedding

Save on Your Houston Wedding

First Class is lucky enough to be part of many Houston weddings. Here are some of our best tricks to save on your Houston wedding.

We’ve all watched some great movies that have weddings as a central theme, and when you think of some of your favorites, “Runaway Bride,” “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” “Father of the Bride,” or even Jim and Pam’s wedding from the hit TV show “The Office” might come to mind. Weddings are a time of joy and celebration, friends coming together to acknowledge the love that has been found between two people who’ve decided to walk through life together.

However, when it comes to planning and executing the whole affair, expenses can add up fairly quickly. If you are going to tie the knot soon and are trying to come up with ways to pull it off without completely draining your bank account, here are 8 suggestions for you.

Do your own flowers. Flowers add up really fast, and you can save money by choosing to simplify. If you have a friend that has a wholesale license, you can get lots of flowers on a reduced budget. And, if you’re totally overwhelmed when it comes to arranging them, there are plenty of DIY videos and tutorials on YouTube to help you create something you’ll love.

Have a friend take pictures. It seems like so many people have taken up photography as a hobby. If someone you know loves to do that on the side, ask them if they’d capture the special moments from your significant day.

Borrow a dress. Remember prom dress sharing in high school? It’s still a viable option, even with wedding dresses. And hey, if you don’t have anyone to borrow from, or the style isn’t yours at all, consider renting a dress and saving much more than you would have if you’d purchased a dress outright.

Choose to make your reception a little more relaxed. Do you know someone with a gorgeous backyard that would be willing to let you host the reception there? You can dress it up or tone it down, set up white tents or make it a casual affair by hosting a potluck or backyard BBQ. Don’t forget to string some party lights and have some good background tunes as well!

Make the cake. Cakes can get really expensive, really fast. You don’t have to make a traditional, huge wedding cake. You can scale down and make it simple: a regular-sized cake for “cutting the cake,” with cupcakes for all the guests. Or, if you’re not a cake person, opt for a huge platter of your favorite cookies or ice cream sundaes instead.

Send out your invitations digitally. Traditionally, people send out paper invitations, spending boatloads of money on nice papers and printing techniques. But you can go another route. Gather up email addresses and send them out that way, or utilize social media platforms to share a photo, spread the news, and extend an invitation for friends to come and join in the celebration.

Instead of hiring a band, be your own DJ. It’s completely feasible to rig speakers, create your own playlist, and have your favorite tunes playing in the background for the entire affair.

And, lastly, once the ceremony is over and the reception guests have left, you can save money by opting for something cozy and closer to home instead of going for an extravagant honeymoon. Book a few days at an upscale bed and breakfast, sneak away to a family cabin in the woods, or stay at a friend’s vacation home. All that really matters is that you get time together, time to celebrate the momentous thing that has just taken place.

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