Safe Student Transportation in Houston

Safe Student Transportation in Houston

If you’re a parent, putting your 5-year-old child on a bus to go to kindergarten for the first time can stir a lot of emotions. Aside from being sad that a new chapter is beginning and life won’t be as it was, you might also feel apprehensive about letting them leave your circle of control. It’s normal to worry about their safety when they aren’t in your hands. Educators have these same concerns, wanting all of their students to get to school safely and without incident. We all want safe student transportation in Houston and beyond. 

When we think of school transportation, we always think first of the friendly yellow school bus. Whether we rode one to get to school when we were young or only rode on a bus for the occasional field trip, most of us have had that experience. However, we don’t often think about motorcoaches when we think about school-aged kids. We typically associate coaches with touring or visitor centers or long freeway travel trips, but they’re great for school groups, too, especially when considering the safety of young children getting to and from school. You can feel good about using a motorcoach for your students for several reasons, including these:

Motorcoach construction. For starters, there is the sheer size of these vehicles to talk about, which makes them much sturdier than average cars on the road. The likelihood of your children being hurt in the event of an impact with another vehicle or object is small at worst. They’re built with safety in mind for all on board. And, as far as safety on the inside? We may not love the close proximity of seats on a bus, but this actually works to your advantage from a safety standpoint. This feature doesn’t allow for a lot of wiggle room and is designed to keep people in their seats in the event of a collision. Additionally, you can now get coaches with seat belts, which provide extra protection to an already safe transportation option. With all of these factors considered, you really can feel good about putting your kids on a coach.

High safety ratings. These vehicles consistently receive high safety ratings, and our company is focused on matching that trend. Anything lower than the best rating is too low for us. We want our riders to know that they are safe when they choose to ride with us. Not only does this mean that we have to have a record free of collisions, it also means that we comply with FMCSA’s requirements on our vehicles, receiving routine maintenance checks and repairs so we can say with certainty that our vehicles are in great condition for the road.

Lastly, no matter how you cut it, when someone else is transporting your child, it isn’t you, bottom line. We know that when your children are involved, you need absolute certainty that the person driving them is 100% qualified to do so. You need to know that they are with someone who isn’t using substances or compromising your child’s safety with any of their personal habits. Here at First Class, we keep a high standard with regard to the drivers we hire, so you can rest assured that any driver that comes from our company will be top-notch. To learn more about our stringent hiring procedure for drivers, feel free to ask our office staff. It is of the utmost importance to us that you know your children are safe when they are on our coaches.

As the above points reveal, motorcoaches are a safe way to transport your students to and from school, and they also come with extra amenities that can make the ride more enjoyable for your students. All the way around, motorcoaches are a great choice for safe student transportation in Houston. To Learn more follow this link: