Propose to Her in a Coach!

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Propose to Her in a Coach!

You’ve fallen in love and can’t wait any longer: it’s time to ask the girl of your dreams to marry you. You’re ready to seal the deal, end your time of being a bachelor, and start building a life with this woman that you love. You’ve kept an eye on her style and found a ring that is perfect for her. You’ve put a partial payment down, ordered it, and now all that’s left is to figure out how you’re going to ask her.

It may have been going to the championship game of the NBA finals where your favorite team was playing and they won, or maybe it was when you found out you had passed the bar exam and were officially an attorney. It could have been getting a date with that girl you thought would never give you the time of day, or having connections and getting to drive a Ferrari for the first time on a speedway.

This would definitely be especially true with regard to huge life decisions– just like asking someone to marry you. You want it to be something special, something you’ll both never forget. Maybe you would like to go big by asking her in a hot air balloon ride over a city lightened at night. Or, there’s always the choice of mundane and ordinary: asking her whilst in the middle of eating a sandwich as you walk together across campus. (Haha! Did you love the large contrast in instances there, cuz we sure did!) While some folks say I love you on one knee, others have it announced over the loudspeaker at the coliseum to thousands. Some folks want to ask their sweetheart in the middle of a crowded metropolitan city, while others would like to be out in the middle of nowhere in the desert, under a night sky that’s littered with stars. And for some, originality is the game, as in that scene in “While You Were Sleeping” when Jack comes to the train station and offers an engagement ring in place of the gold token one would usually give to the attendant to be able to ride the train.

The above examples offer several different asking approaches, but we think we’ve come up with an even better one. Have you ever heard of someone getting engaged in a motorcoach? It isn’t exactly the romantic venue you picture when you’re asking someone to marry you.

To begin with, she’ll never expect it to happen on a coach, so you can capitalize on the element of surprise. Most women are going to imagine somewhere quiet and personal, a location that’s sentimental, and maybe a nice dinner, candles, or chocolate and roses.

Next, because it’s not something standard, you’ll have to employ some ingenuity to make it romantic. And when you’re designing the environment, it’s probably going to be more personal and have more implication, two things that will make it more memorable.

Third, the coach itself is symbolic of what you’re asking her to do: go on a journey with you. Experience life together, deal with things, metaphorically go to new places and experience new challenges and opportunities. Coaches take people from Point A to Point B, and you’re asking her to do the same thing with you– start here, and go forward into the future together.

Fourth, capitalize on the fact that you’re on a coach and have the driver ask her over the PA system for you! Again, employ the element of surprise (and don’t tell anyone else on the coach what’s going down, either).

Once they’re all there, you go and get her and head to the same place, riding in the coach. While en route, ask her to marry you. Use that same coach to get everyone back down the canyon to their own cars after a super fun night of celebrating this huge decision of commitment the two of you have made.

See? Asking her in a coach is an excellent gig, right? When that time comes round for you, we hope you’ll consider it. Contact us today for a fantastic rate, and permit us to be part of one of the most essential events of your life!