Planning a Great Day Date for Prom

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Planning a Great Day Date for Prom

What one word comes to mind when you hear expensive dresses, fancy dinner, teenagers, day dates, dancing, music, movies, boutineers and corsages? Mm hmm. Yep. Prom. For many teens, prom is something that they anticipate and have to think creatively about. For starters, children nowadays don’t frequently ask a date to prom in a way. Typically it involves coming up with a creative means to inquire and the individual being asked must determine who did the asking. Sometimes it’s something quite funny, at times it involves decorating a person’s room, and occasionally it can signify them on a wild goose chase for the base of it. It is all part of the fun.

But asking is only the beginning. Following a date is secured, boys will plan to proceed with a number of their buddies and their customs, forming a group. And at that point, the real planning begins, because then you need to nail down the details for the date on the afternoon of the dance. If you’ve got teens in your life that are at the drawing board, attempting to come up with a few decent ideas, here are six distinct suggestions.

GO BIG. In high school, prom is a big deal, and it’s frequently an event where a great deal of money is spent –for the women when they purchase dresses, and for the man in renting a tux, paying for the day activities and spending money on dinner, the dancing, and pictures. As it’s already kind of a big deal, perhaps your group does not mind spending extra money to make the day date pretty impressive, too. If that’s the case (and pricey activities are something which everybody in the group can manage), the sky’s the limit. What about going skydiving or paying for hot air balloon rides? The funny thing is. . .for being such a big deal in high school, the dancing itself isn’t something you will consider very much once it’s over. However, a hot air balloon ride, or going skydiving with a lot of your besties from high school? That, my friends, is something you’ll never overlook.

But, maybe going big isn’t a financial choice, or it appears to be a waste to lose that much money on a prom date. Not to worry! There are other things to do that do not cost nearly as much and will nevertheless be a great moment. So, our second suggestion is to GET INTO NATURE. What could you perform in character, near your property? Can you float the river on inner tubes or increase a local summit? Do you have a canyon near home where the team would go rock climbing? What about reduction nighttime skiing, river rafting, or even a day of boating on the lake?

If you don’t like both of these suggestions, opt for the element of SURPRISE. Possibly the dates don’t know what is occurring daily, but the boys coincide with all the girls’ parents to simply pull something off like an early morning breakfast. They could go pick up the dates early in the morning, get them from bed in their pajamas, blindfold them, and take them to breakfast in a restaurant or to some thing they’ve set up in the playground or at a person’s garden. Whatever you decide to do, going for surprise and something the women aren’t expecting will be enjoyable and exciting. (Just ensure that the girls in the group are not the type that don’t like to be taken off guard, or else it may be an epic fail.)

Another thought? HIT UP LOCAL ATTRACTIONS. Are you close to some famous theme park or big water park which would easily take all of the allotted time for a date? What about making bookings at the always-packed local eatery up the canyon, the one that, with no reservations, means a 2-hour wait no matter when you go? Taking advantage of what your region is well known for and has to provide is fun and also will be an experience that is true to celebrating your hometown.

What about MAKING A DIFFERENCE? Most prom dates are concentrated solely on pleasure, but maybe your group wants to make a huge difference. There are opportunities around for service, and a day task focused on having a positive impact is a fantastic way to have fun together and create lasting memories. There are opportunities all around to serve, and it really only depends on what your team is interested in and then making the necessary arrangements.

Last, you could always do something that is TRIED AND TRUE, familiar, and consistently enjoyable. Make banana splits and see a movie. Go ice skating. Pack a picnic to the park and then divide into groups for ultimate frisbee or warm water balloon volleyball. Or, hold a scavenger hunt contest. Produce a list of items that every couple has to do (e.g. play an act of support, visit a fast food place and sit down to eat lunch, purchase something red at the grocery store to discuss with the group if you reconvene, run or walk a mile, etc.). Have the couples meet collectively and every be presented with the list of what they need to do. Then, everyone divides and it’s a race to see which number gets back first (to some predetermined meeting spot). Have a prize for the few who wins.

Choosing a day activity actually is based on the people that are going on your class and the interests they have, just how much money they want to invest, and how long they must work with. We hope these suggestions give you some fun things to consider as you are planning. And, one more thing? As soon as you’ve determined the activities for the day and day date, don’t forget to reserve a motorcoach so the whole group can push together. . .it’ll be way more fun that way!