A Number of Things To Do With Your Concert Souvenirs

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A Number of Things To Do With Your Concert Souvenirs

We’ve probably all done some of these things: been thrilled while attending a reading by one of our favorite authors, jazzed to finally be heading to that play on Broadway we’ve always preferred to see, found ourselves speechless by listening to (and watching!) a concert pianist, or had the time of our lives seeing our favorite band in concert. There’s just a thing about having the chance to experience these events in person that make them something we’ll never forget.

And, due to the nature of the experience, we often are searching for a way to memorialize what it signified for us by buying some souvenirs to bring home. We may have been moved by a specific piece of music, so we buy the album that it’s on so we can go back to that piece again and again. Or, we buy the incredible commemorative poster that they’re selling due to its awesome design and limited quantity.

But, here’s the thing. What do you do with those things the moment it’s all over? They often get tucked away in a box and forgotten, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Preferably, try one of these four techniques to keep the memory alive.

Listen to that cd while you’re driving home. Haven’t most of us done that? You get to the car, tear the plastic off the case, and set it into the player. And after that, all the way home, you listen to happy tunes and remember the remarkable moments of the concert: keeping in mind how the live version you just heard is different from the recording, savoring every last word of your favorite song as you cruise home in the dark.

Frame it. If you picked up a limited poster, tickets to a reunion tour, or the final concert, EVER, of your favorite artist, you might want a special way to memorialize this evening that you’ll never forget. … get it framed! Stick that poster behind some glass and put it on the wall. Every time you look up, you’ll see it, and it’ll likely be a great conversation starter with friends, too.

Want another thing to do with those ticket stubs? How about using them to make a sentimental card to offer to the person that went with you? You can discuss how fun it was to be together, the time you laughed harder than you thought possible, and the gratefulness you have for your friendship.

Make a t-shirt! You can make a t-shirt from them if you took lots of photos at the concert. Pick a couple of your favorite photos, create a caption that has meaning (or a favorite lyric), and then put it all together. This is a cool way to make it personal, and something you’ll wear for downtime. (All of these are also easy to create for multiple people, too, if you chose a group of friends.).

Bottom line? You don’t should bring those keepsakes home and shove them in a box. It’s fun to remember the fun times! Make use of some of these techniques to appreciate that concert memorabilia for more than just one evening.