Motorcoaches are great for Business!

Motorcoaches are great for Business!

If you’re like everyone else, a motorcoach probably seems synonymous with tour groups in foreign lands, a guide shuttling a large group from place to place, stopping to glean historical information from each site before getting back on the bus for the next stop along the route. While we may often think of them for retired senior groups taking advantage of the opportunity to travel and see the world (something they are great for, by the way), motorcoaches are being used more and more for lots of other transportation needs. Here is why motorcoaches are great for business!

Have you ever stopped to consider ways that a motorcoach could be used to streamline your business transportation demands? If you haven’t, here are some ways that coaches could simplify your life and make the going a little more convenient.

Maybe you’re in charge of planning the next big gala dinner event. If that’s the case, your mind is likely swimming in details involving reserving a perfect location, parking, catering for the event, entertainment, invitations and RSVPs, awards and speeches for the evening, and getting your tux or fancy dress dry-cleaned before the event. Oh yeah… and somewhere in there, you’re going to have to worry about transportation for the evening. Call us! If you reserve with us for the night, we can completely remove that stress from your plate! Need a shuttle from the hotel to the dinner location for employees that have flown in from out of town? No problem! Need a way to get everyone back safely to their hotels once the night is over, even if they’ve had a bit too much to drink? The motorcoach is your answer! Providing complimentary transportation takes the stress off employees who are coming in from out of town, too, folks unfamiliar with the city and local area.

If you’re scheduling an upcoming executive retreat for corporate partners, it’s nice to be able to travel together. This makes it so that your employees won’t have to pay for their own transportation, and you can also hold board meetings as you ride. As the miles go by, you can discuss implementation strategies, review the previous year, go over the goals for the coming year, and take advantage of power and WiFi as you make business presentations. Additionally, it never hurts to have some extra time to enjoy camaraderie and strengthen work friendships too.

Another way you can use a coach to improve your workplace is to offer a commuter shuttle in the morning for your employees, particularly if you live in a densely populated city. As anyone who has lived in a big city can attest, the commute can sometimes be horrific: traffic that is backed up for days (it seems!), accidents, and dealing with the weather, among other things. By offering a shuttle, you can give your employees the gift of time: time to plug into power and WiFi and get some work done as they are headed into the office in the morning or time to simply unwind on social media or read an article on the internet as they are traveling home at the end of a long day. They won’t have to negotiate the stress of the freeway and will be able to use their time in ways that they would prefer, allowing them to get other things done.

These are just three examples of many that illustrate how motorcoaches are great for business. They can be used to improve your business events, retreats, and even the simple and mundane routine of getting to work every morning. If this has made you think of a way we can help you, we’re only a call away and can cater our services to meet your specific needs! Learn about our business transportation services here: