Moments from the Super Bowl

Moments from the Super Bowl, Charter Bus Rental Houston, Texas

Moments from the Super Bowl

Football is right up there when it comes to American pastimes. We take the game pretty seriously, and there’s nothing that attests this truth quite like the Super Bowl. Every year, people all across the country watch the NFL playoffs, anxious to see which two teams will end up facing each other for the championship Super Bowl game.

The game is featured on primetime television, and big names in the entertainment industry are hired to deal with the halftime show. From Michael Jackson to Beyoncé, performers have wowed the crowd every year in what is probably the major sporting event in the United States.

And it isn’t just for the folks that go to the game in person. Homes all across America have the TV on, and families and friends get together to eat, watch the game, and enjoy hanging out with each other. People place bets on which team is going to win, and for many, the Super Bowl is a long-standing tradition that is as ritualistic as Thanksgiving dinner.

Through the years, memorable things have taken place during the game. Take, for instance, the announcement that came during halftime in the 1991 game.

What about the time that all the lights went out in the third quarter during Super Bowl 47, stunning a stadium full of fans and players? The lights ultimately came back on and the game resumed, but those of us who were watching the game will always remember it.

What about the time that Christina Aguilera was singing the national anthem and messed up on the words?

Or the time that MJ sung “Heal the World” in the middle of the halftime show of 1993’s game, and a big blow up globe inflated on the field during the song?

And not a single person will ever forget what happened with Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson. #nuffsaid

And what about the wow moment when Eli Manning threw a 32-yard pass to David Tyree, who was able to keep the ball by holding it against his helmet?

There are so many favorite memories to recall when it comes to the Super Bowl. And while many of us watch these games on the TV, some people have been lucky enough, through the years, to encounter the action and energy live in the stadium. And if that’s the scenario, you know how outrageous event transportation and discussing crowds can be.

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