The King James Bible

King James Bible, Charter Bus Houston, Texas

The King James Bible

Released in 1611, The King James Bible consists of some of the most beloved texts of all time. This specific translation came from a time of mayhem and chaos, divisive positions on religion, and a time when the king of England understood that he had to do something to try to join opposing spiritual sides to guarantee the security of his reign.

Among the rights we reward as Americans is the freedom to speak our minds and worship in the way we pick. It’s hard for us to imagine a world where following the tenets of your own conscience might be so unsafe, however that is exactly how it was in 17th century England. To oppose the main church was also seen as a danger to the king’s authority, because church and state were linked in such a way that is tough for 21st century Americans to adequately appreciate.

The same thing might not be said of those living in England at the time that this translation was commissioned; in fact, for them, it was rather the contrary. Those whose religious moorings were not aligned with the developed, mandated faith must have had numerous concerns: Do I gain access to God through the king and religious leaders, or can I reach him separately? Do I follow the king’s dictates, or the dictates of my own conscience?

As the heat of varying spiritual opinions increased, James knew he needed to do something. Some were in alignment with the main Church of England, and others were sympathetic to Puritan beliefs.

In the end, taking on a tip made by the puritans, King James made the decision to buy a new translation of the bible, the work of which was finished by a committee of a number of persons representing both sides of the religious fence. While this seems greatly weighted to one side, the reality still stays that it was the puritans who had actually suggested the idea in the first place, a suggestion the king acted on.

One of the notable aspects of the King James Bible is the beauty of the text, the richness of the language, the poetic method the words are created. It is unsurprising, then, that so much attention was offered to that very thing. The linguistic aspects of the translation had actually been attended to, the scholars in fact read the text aloud in order to listen to how it sounded, making modifications that made it more pleasing to the ear, more beautiful to listen to, without changing the
meaning of the words.

In churches all throughout America, the King James Bible is still commonly used and loved, and it’s a text that is essential both consistently and in the cannon of world literature also. As a motorcoach business, we delight in the chance we’re offered to work with church groups of all various faiths. Sometimes we get to carry an entire parish to a group activity, and other times we are getting the choir to a show, or the youth to a service camp. No matter what’s coming up for your churchgoers, we would love to assist you get anywhere you have to be!

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