Implement a Houston Student Shuttle

Implement a Houston Student Shuttle

We often think of shuttles as being the most practical choice for functions with lots of people, such as sporting events, weddings, visitor center traffic, and even work shuttles, too. However, they are also a fantastic option when it comes to education as well. First Class loves providing Houston student shuttle services.

University and college campuses differ from each other in size, layout, and design. Campus buildings may be spread out in distance from each other, some areas may be zoned specifically for foot traffic, or the student body size may be so extensive that there’s not adequate parking. For any (or all!) of these reasons, you might consider implementing a shuttle system to help your students. We work with educational institutions to create an arrangement that works to best meet the specific needs of their schools. If traffic congestion and parking are issues at your school, our specialists can tailor a transportation plan that works well with your layout. Here are some of the reasons we think using a shuttle will be a benefit to your campus community.

To begin with, it’s a great perk for the school. Many students don’t have their own car, so they bike, walk or rely on carpooling with friends or roommates. However, even if you have your own car, that can present other challenges. Sometimes the parking situation on campus is limited at best, so you have to get there early and hope you get a spot or park a fair distance away. But, if you implement a shuttle system, students can get directly to campus and not have to worry about arranging a ride or finding a place to park.

Sometimes there are parts of campus where the only road through is one lane each way, narrow, and there’s no room to expand it. Because of this, sometimes traffic is limited to campus vehicles, and other times it is closed off to vehicles completely, allowing for more green space and open to pedestrian traffic only. Shuttles are perfect for these specific scenarios. It’s easy to create a drop-off location, providing a way for students to get directly onto campus without bringing their cars to campus, too.

Some student housing is a considerable distance from school. In places where this is the case, shuttles are ideal. Scheduling a shuttle to pick up from those locations three or four times a day to get students to campus is a perk for those who live further away.

Our coaches have lots of storage space. So, backpacks and coats aren’t the only things we can accommodate. Each coach boasts lots of undercarriage space in case students need to get things to campus that require more room (stuff for presentations, for example, or an art project on a large canvas). Additionally, some of our coaches have bike racks that make it convenient for students to get a ride in the morning and then bike home and unwind at the end of the day.

Amenities! Who says a shuttle shouldn’t be nice, too? Our coaches have a lot of extra perks that are geared for customer comfort, convenience, and satisfaction. Accordingly, we’ve got bathrooms on board, power, WiFi, TV screens, an A/V system, and individual reading lights. Students can plug in and get work done on the laptop or take advantage of the WiFi to browse social media on the way home. It’s easy to broadcast campus TV, news, and weather from the screens or get a few more pages read before class tomorrow. And, need we remind you that all of this can happen while we do the driving?

If you’d like to simplify transportation around campus, think about implementing a shuttle system for all of the above reasons. It’s a great way to reduce traffic, provide a fantastic perk for your students, and make for a quieter, more walk-friendly environment on campus, too. Call us today to help customize a Houston student shuttle solution for your school!