Houston University Parties & Functions

Houston University Parties & Functions

Institutions for higher education are all over the United States. And although they differ in various ways, they have at least one thing in common: lots of people. When you count full and part-time faculty, staff, and student body, college campuses are always busy with life, activities, and social events. Here are eight different Houston university parties and events where a motorcoach will definitely come in handy.

Homecoming is a week where there are lots of organized activities and events, not to mention the homecoming dance. If you’re looking for a great way to shuttle folks around without campus becoming a complete traffic jam, we think we are a solution you’d be happy with!

Tailgate Party
Nothing feels quite as American as football, right? And for a lot of folks around the country, they take their college ball very seriously. When there’s a game, it’s an event for the whole community… not just the school. If this is the case in your town, it can sometimes be tricky dealing with transportation and crowds when it comes to the day of the game. Let us help make your life easier by providing a way for lots of people to get around with ease.

Holiday Ball
When the semester is coming to a close before Christmas Break, sometimes there’s a celebration for the student body, such as a Christmas Ball or community service project. We can help take care of the transportation for whatever holiday functions you have on the academic calendar.

Freshman Orientation
When a new year is beginning, freshman orientation brings hordes of people to campus: parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, new students, friends, etc. Just handling all the extra people for a few days can be hectic, especially because many of them are just trying to find their way around the university. If you could use a shuttle system to get guests to popular locations on campus, we can help you come up with an efficient plan.

Education Conferences
At times, universities will offer conferences that are open for public enrollment, a week or two of lectures, and classes on various topics. This brings a bunch of people to the campus community, and it can be nice to have transportation arrangements in place to reduce the overall traffic issues during a time like this, and we know we can help with that.

Spring Break
Nothing like Spring Break to prompt the students staying on campus to arrange some fun, and if you need a way to transport students in safely (and with a designated driver), we’re the solution you seek!

Faculty Awards Gala
When you have a university-wide awards dinner involving dignitaries or special guests and it’s a fancy affair, it’s nice to have the transportation dialed in, too. You want everything to run smoothly when an important event’s on the table.

Graduation Celebrations
What university event has a celebratory air quite like graduation? From happy students to proud family members, graduation brings traffic to a university town like no other occasion. If you want to get campus guests to the main event areas, we can help make the transportation tricks a cinch.

Whether you’re celebrating at the end of the year, welcoming incoming students at the beginning of a new school year, or organizing the transportation for any number of Houston university parties and fun during the year itself, we are on hand to make sure transportation is the last thing you’ll have to worry about! To learn more, follow this link: https://www.firstclasstours.net