Green Transportation Is A Better Choice

Green Transportation Is A Better Choice

Imagine, for a moment, you’re heading to a business convention.  You’ve prepared your presentation, packed your bags, got your favorite stowaway snacks for the plane, and you’ve arrived at the airport.

It’s a beautiful day, the location of the convention is one of your favorite cities to be in, and you’ve arranged to have a weekend with friends after the 2-day convention is over.  All in all, things are looking pretty great.  And they continue to go great, cuz this is how it goes down: you nail your presentation on day 1 and all points of the plan you presented are going to be implemented.  Plus, you got nominated to a prestigious position on day 2 in recognition for the professional contributions you’ve brought to the table in the last year.

It would have been the most perfect, savor-every-professional-minute trip, if it hadn’t been for one thing.

It’s the morning of day 3, everyone’s gathering for the fancy parting brunch, and you can’t get over what you’re witnessing.  There’s an elaborate spread to eat (and it’s amazing!), but what you’re hung up on is the beverage blunder that’s underway.

Instead of individual 8-oz. glasses with a variety of warm and cool drinks to choose from, there’s one-size for everyone, and it’s a gallon.  All 2000 attendees select one gallon of the beverage of their choice: milk, juice, hot coffee.  But.  One gallon.  No exceptions, and no one’s allowed to share.

And here’s what happens.  People eat their breakfast, make small dents in their beverage of choice, and then you witness the aftermath: gallons of drinks left to be thrown out and wasted, not to mention all of those plastic milk containers that are going to be filling up some landfill somewhere.

Oh, and did we mention that you’re a bit of an environmentalist, and that plastic waste particularly sets you off?

Well…let’s just say the next scene isn’t pretty, and you can probably take it from here and write any number of endings that would match up well with the scenario.

But by now, we’re sure you’re wondering what any of this has to do with motorcoaches, group transportation, or anything else that we stand for, so we’ll fill you in.  It’s a silly analogy, but we’re gonna make a point.

How often are we convening in the same locations with other people?  And how often do we drive our own vehicles (most designed to carry at least four passengers) to these events, stuffing parking lots with a bunch of cars?  And, we’ll state the obvious, but all those cars are negatively impacting the environment, just like plastic is toxic in landfills, too.

There are better solutions for transportation, solutions that will positively affect the environment in needed ways as we look toward the future.  Being deliberate about your transportation choices will help you check out other available options besides always driving your own personal vehicle (though we acknowledge that this is necessary at times, too).

One of these is to GoMotorcoach.  We are one of the greenest forms of transportation out there, each coach carrying up to 57 passengers and removing that same number of cars from our roadways at the same time (not to mention taking all that excess exhaust out of the equation, too).  So, instead of everyone having their own gallon, we make it possible for a variety of beverages to come together in 8-oz. servings, so to speak.  (Go ahead and chuckle…we think the comparison is funny, too.)

But anyway.  Next time you’re considering group transportation and the environment, we hope you’ll consider trying a motorcoach.  Not only can we get you where you need to be, we are a choice that you can feel good about, too. Learn more about our green transportation services here: