Giving Away Services Blesses Everyone Involved

Giving Away Services, Bus Rental Houston, Texas

Giving Away Services Blesses Everyone Involved

There are so many different faith groups, and different needs depending on each congregation. Some of these groups are large with millions of members, and some are quiet denominations with only a handful of folks that are involved.

Some of the steps that occur are through serving, as that naturally seems to set up bridges between us and others. Church groups have long been known for being involved in humanitarian efforts and lending subsidy and volunteers, among other things. It seems that, no matter where we look, there is no end to human need: individuals who are struggling, downtrodden, hopeless, and hungry.

There is a lot that can be done in your own neighborhood and community when you gather as a group to do service. Having said that, if you like to take your congregation hours away to take part in a greater effort or offer aid further from home, we think a coach is the way to go. Not only can riding with each other create a possibility to get to know each other better and deepen friendships, you can also tackle the impact of the experience that you’ve shared together when you’re on your way home.

Service has a secret, and it is this: so often we do an act expecting to help another person– to eliminate their suffering, to tend to their needs and wants, to be a listening ear when they feel broken. The surprising thing is that, in the very act, we find that what is broken in us seems to mend, too– our own struggles seem lighter, and our hearts are strengthened with new perspective to go forward in our own lives. That’s the real beauty of it.

Thus… when your congregation is heading out for a service opportunity and needs a great way to get there, we’re only a call away! We’d love to come along for the ride!