Getting Rid of That Nasty Air

Getting Rid of That Nasty Air, Charter Bus Rental Houston

Getting Rid of That Nasty Air

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: Motorcoaches are pretty much bomb dot com when it comes to being a green transportation leader. Stop for a moment and imagine if each of those 57 passengers were driving their own individual car.

* 57 additional cars, which results in …
* More busy roadways and
* Raised air pollution, as a result of the added exhaust.

Some of the greatest ways to set up change is to make a problem glaringly obvious, something that everyone can see obviously. And one of the conditions of transportation pollution is that, unless you’re residing in a place with crazy population numbers or you’re taking care of inversion that traps all that nasty air in the wintertime, it’s sort of understandable how one can forget everything that’s being emitted into the air from individual cars, every day.

Hey, sometimes you get just a glimpse. Let’s list some alternative examples to function as analogies for a minute.

Have you ever worked in a super negative work environment? You’re sure of that the company culture isn’t very strong, people talk behind each other’s backs, and there’s a lot of micromanagement happening. But, you don’t fully realize how unsafe it was until you get a new job and see the contrast.

Or, maybe you lived in a toxic relationship for several years. You never intended to hurt one another, and you value the friendship that you have. And you know that there are complications and problems, but you think that’s just how life goes. But, something comes to pass, and you’re unexpectedly on the outside of that relationship, and you realize just how painful and destructive it was.

Ever been embedded a weather cycle of rain for days and days? In the beginning, you might appreciate that warm fire and some bowls of tasty soup. But then, it starts to drag on and on. You know it’s gray and cool outside, but you find yourself just getting used to it. And then, eventually, the sun opts to show her face again. And when you plant yourself out in the warm sunshine, and find that you need your sunglasses considering how bright it is out there, you’re stunned by it.

And, as a last example, what about those tricksy images? From a distance, they appear to be something beautiful, even captivating. But then. You zoom in, and it’s a collage of distressing images that you ‘d never really want to look at in a million years.

In the same way, we are sometimes incubated from the pollution we’re putting in the air each day as we drive vehicles. But hey, have a week or two of awful cold temps in a valley surrounded by mountains in the wintertime, and the smog can’t hide. All of a sudden, you’re super familiar with all the junk that’s in the air, something you don’t see most of the time, and you don’t want those poisons in your lungs.

But, here’s the thing. Just like looking at that painting and not noticing what you’re actually looking at, or being in a toxic surroundings and it being normal (you can’t “see” the harm), air pollution is the same. Even when you can’t view it, it’s still happening, and it’s affecting the world we live in today and the generations that lie ahead.

If you prefer to make an environmentally-friendly transportation choice, think about GoingMotorcoach. Sure, it’s still a vehicle, and it’s emitting pollution, too. … it is part of a conservation effort, reducing the number and condensing of cars on the road. It’s a lot better to have emission from one vehicle than from 57? It’s a choice that all of us can support and feel good about, and we ‘d love to have you ride with us next time you have a group transportation need.