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Dial In On The Information, Houston Texas Party Bus

Dial In On The Information

When you’re preparing for a party, it’s always fun to take note of the points. Sure, everyone is willing to come together and enjoy socializing, but adding some glamour to the party through the embellishments, food and other extras can be the difference that gives your party the WOW factor.

Whether you employ a party planner or just like to do it yourself, here are some factors to keep in mind that will be sure to take your event up a notch and make it something to remember.

Play up the theme. Maybe you’re throwing this shindig for an occasion: there’s a baby coming, someone’s getting married, your oldest just graduated from high school, somebody special has a birthday, your parents are celebrating 50 years of marriage, or your wife got promoted at work. And hey … if it’s a holiday party, the sky’s the limit. Go crazy with spooking your house out for Halloween, make Valentine fortune cookies, and get 4th of July cupcake toppers or the best shot glasses for New Year’s.

Take advantage of the season. Having a party in spring time? Cut some of those sprigs of lilac from your garden for fresh flowers and small accents to the party cake. Why not use fresh butternut squash to make a delicious soup for the party?

Have fun with lighting. If you’re having a backyard dance party, you might string twinkle lights across the lawn to create the perfect ambiance as the stars come out. And if you’re doing a function inside the house, check out light curtains that create a festive feel, candles, and maybe get a disco ball to add to the fun.

Get creative with party favors. They’re always cute and fun to have, but they’ll be even more so if they are personalized and somehow tied specifically to the people at the party.

Don’t overlook the tunes! Cuz really, what’s better than good tunes to keep the joy flowing for the party? Regardless of the occasion, you’ll have the ability to find music that will match the type of function you’re having, and music has a powerful way of setting the mood and encouraging the joy.

Food. Food, food, food!!! Ummm … point up the celebratory air in everything you serve! Take a cue from the season to pick your menu, and use the theme of the party to inform your choice of how you can tailor it to the occasion. You might prefer to have heart ice cubes in the drinks at a bridal shower or serve a side of coagulated blood (red jello) at the kids’ Halloween party.

Aside from mingling, it’s always a great idea to have an added unexpected something. Maybe you created a photo booth, and have a photographer that’s using a Polaroid camera. Buy a new party game. Put up a dance floor area and have an amazing playlist that gets everyone moving. Whatever you decide to undertake, make it an exciting way to get people keeping in touch and making memories.

There are tons of factors that go in to making a great party, and ideally these ideas get you brainstorming on how to make your next event something to keep in mind! And if you need transportation for the group of people at the party, we’re only a call away! We specialize in group transportation and would love to assist make your party a success!