Burst a Bottle!

opening wine bottle, Houston Party Bus

Burst a Bottle!

Once the tour and tastings are over, you can always purchase some of what you loved to take home and enjoy another time. While you can open a bottle at any time, for any reason, here are some of the times we like it best.

Out with the old, in with the new. Something about coming in calls for noting the occasion. Probably it’s the New Year and you couldn’t be more equipped to kiss the old year goodbye cuz it was a doozy. Maybe a baby took part in the family after years of trying. Or, what about finishing up school, graduating, and starting a new future? Job promotion that entails a big move? Got published for the very first time? These are the moments that it’s wonderful to get together with some friends, open a bottle, and tribute to new beginnings.

Weddings. And there’s nothing like a bottle of really good wine to lend a celebratory air to the whole affair. And hey, you can always throw a bottle in the getaway car for the new couple to enjoy on their honeymoon, too.

Some elegant event. There are sophisticated gown-and-tux events. Substantial executive business gala dinners. Thank you meals for big sponsors. Celebratory functions after a major goal is met. These are just some of the events that a bottle of some fine vintage will be just the touch to include in the festivities.

Sharing news. Often the good news you’ve been waiting for finally happens, or something absolutely unpredictable (and completely happy) comes your way. And what is good news if you can’t share it with somebody? This is the time to go downstairs, open your wine cooler and select the bottle you’ve been saving for something good. Well, that period is now … so drink up!

Just because. We’ve specified mostly bigger life events as a time to party, but sometimes it’s just as simple as being thankful for what is, right now. Being with dear friends on the beach after a great day, for instance, and opening a bottle as you watch the sunset and visit on the water. Having a little sip as you relax in a hammock with some of your cherished pages from a beloved book. Honestly, sometimes simple enjoyments are even better by including a nice chilled bottle of vino to the mix.

Thus, does reading this make you want to open a favorite bottle? Next time your wine cooler is low, you’re seeking to add some new vintages, or even if you’re a wine connoisseur and collecting vino happens to be one of your hobbies, get a group together and call to book a wine tour with us! Chances are, you’ll find something you love, and have a great time.