Activities to give back to your church’s seniors

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Activities to give back to your church’s seniors

For the debt of appreciation owed to senior adults, lots of churches allotted a day annually to honor and respect seniors. Some churches celebrate a special day, while other churches plan a Senior Adult Week.
Senior Adult Day is a day to show appreciation senior adults for their many contributions, including:

• For their many years of service to the Lord through His church
• For their positive attitudes and happy smiles
• For their further support of the Lord’s work through His church
• For their regular and consistent presence in the activities of churches
• For their many years of teaching, serving on committees, and leadership in the life of the church
• For constant lying run the race and not to pass out as they serve

Planning a Senior Adult Day can be the responsibility of the senior adult council or committee, the senior adult coordinator, or the staff member assigned to senior adult ministry. If there is no senior adult council, committee, staff, or coordinator person, the church nominating committee should recommend a Senior Adult Day Planning Committee.

Tips for Organizing Senior Adult Day

Secure the date. Decide on the schedule and activities for the day. Appoint subcommittees or workgroups to take care of the following details:

1. Attendance. Keep it a high attendance event in the Senior Adult Sunday School by setting goals and distinguishing those reaching them.

2. Some churches invite a guest speaker for the morning service. Many senior adults prefer to include their own pastor and encourage him to preach on the selected theme.

3. Choir. Have your senior adult choir present the music for the worship service. Some senior adult choirs learn and present a musical for the evening worship service.

4. Ministry. Choose one or more ministry activities for the day.

5. Food. There are numerous opportunities for fellowship meals. Some churches have a lunch following the morning worship service. When a Sunday fellowship is not practical, try a Saturday night banquet or a Saturday afternoon outing. A Sunday night after-church fellowship when the senior adults serve and entertain the church members is a good possibility.

6. Some senior adults who cannot attend regularly or even frequently may be able to come for this special day with some help. Providing transportation can make the difference for them to enjoy the fellowship and encouragement of the day.

7. Publicity. The activities should be announced well before the event through church newsletters, Sunday School, and senior adult publications.