5 Fun Games to Play Together

Games to Play Together, Charter Bus Houston, Texas

5 Fun Games to Play Together

Okay, so you scheduled a bus, and we’re getting you safely to your destination for the week to spend time with your favorite peeps. Maybe you want to be boating and enjoying the sun, or you could be hitting ride after ride like it ain’t no thang for the following seven days at Disneyland. But what about the downtime at the hotel or back at the beach house, when you’ve come in for the day but still want to enjoy some quality time together?

Well. We find that we’ve created the answer you need, something enjoyable that will help everyone getting familiar with each other better. If you guessed games, you’re right! But these aren’t your typical board games that you’ve played over and over for years. These are games that center on getting everyone interacting, and if we’re sure about nothing else, we’re certain you’ll laugh till your stomach hurts.

So, with no extra confusion … 5 games we know will bring hours of fun.

Crazy Helium Booth. There actually are many apps at presents that are entertaining to use when you’re associating the family. The following’s one: put Crazy Helium Booth on somebody’s phone, and then enjoy with the filters, voice modifications, and video features. Take turns heading out individually and making hilarious videos. Plug the phone into the TV and watch all the videos once everyone has had a turn. And be readied … you might cry from laughing.

Telestrations. Think of this game as a glorified version of Pictionary. The players each get a word and have to draw it the very best they can. When the time is up, they pass their drawing to the person next to them, who then can only see the drawing (not the original word), and they need to find a word to outline the drawing. They pass their word on, and the next person has to draw a picture that depicts it … and on and on. It’s like a drawing/word spin on the old classic game of Telephone. Once the round is over, it’s hilarious to look back through and see how everyone interpreted the words and drawings. Guaranteed to make you laugh.

Catch Phrase. If you’ve never played this game, players take turns getting a word and trying to get the group to say that phrase or word without using any of those specific words. Someone might get the phrase “apples to apples,” and they have to try to get people to say that phrase without saying any of those words. Don’t know what it is about this game, but it never gets old and people play it for hours.

Game of Phones. Okay, technological advances is more an aspect of our life these days than in the past. Our youths all have tablets and phones, too, and it’s more challenging to acquire everyone to step out of their gadgets and engage with the family at reunions. Here’s the thing: play a game that requires that you use your phone! From a round where you spot who has the most ideal selfie on their phone to finding out who can create the best emoji drawing, you’re assured to enjoy this game as you bring technology to the table.

Say Anything. This is a fantastic game to get to know each other better. Players are asked a question by the judge (one of the players picked out to be so for the round), and they have to write their answers. By the end of the round, the answers are all shared, and each player guesses which answer the judge will like the most. The fun aspect of this game is that it develops a natural opportunity for telling stories, talking about opinions, and going crazy as you get to know each other better.

Before you step aboard one of our coaches with the whole gang to head out for a week of fun, consider picking up a few of these games to fill the downtime at the end of long days of play. There’s nothing like fun to make for fond memories and we’re pretty sure that, long after the adventure is over, you’ll be playing them once again.