20 Tips to Preparing Your Perfect Texas Wedding

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20 Tips to Preparing Your Perfect Texas Wedding

From moment to budgeting to barging in your shoes, listed below are some techniques the experts really want you to know.

1) What’s The Rush?
Of course, you’re motivated when you get engaged, but don’t take action impulsively, says Cathy Johnson of Cathy Johnson Weddings, “So many brides rush out and start setting down deposits without estimating the logistics of what gets involved with planning a memorable day,” she says. “I advise the couple to let it all sink in and wait for a few weeks after they get engaged. Then start.”.

2) Get The Big Picture.
“You need to envision the type of wedding you want– outdoors, cocktail reception, beach– then afterwards work inward from there,” says Kathi R. Evans, event coordinator for All the Best Weddings and Celebrations. When you know it’s a beach wedding, for instance, you can select your colors, and the rest of the details– d├ęcor, flowers and food– will start to fall into place.

3) Develop A ‘Wants’ And A ‘Needs’ List.
“Try to separate your ‘wants’ from your ‘needs,'” says Samantha Goldberg, owner of Gold Events Planning. “The ‘needs’ list consists of the items you have to have to make your special day work, such as a good photographer and an affordable venue, while the ‘wants’ are the items you get after the ‘needs’ are acquired (such as ornate centerpieces or customized favors).”.

4) Figure out Your Budget Really, Really Well.
“Do not put in a dime or book a single service until the two of you have thoroughly calculated your budget,” says Jean Picard of Jean Picard Wedding Consulting. “This is where a couple can make a mistake early in the game and never recover. They fall in love with a venue and book it as soon as possible, then find they have to skimp on everything else, including necessities.”.

5) Don’t Cut The Wrong Corners.
Sure, Uncle Harry would love to take your wedding photos, yet will you be happy with them? Probably not, says Barbara Thleiji of Belle Occasions. “Always hire professional, licensed vendors,” she advises. “You will save yourself a lot of stress by working with well-qualified people, whose work you can count on.”.

6) Be True To Yourself.
“I tell brides that when they are offered suggestions that they aren’t too keen on, they should pleasantly say, ‘That’s an interesting idea,’ and after that go ahead with what they really wish to do,” says Cindy Clearwater of SunCelebrations.

7) Don’t Overthink.
“Once you decide, don’t go back and rethink it repeatedly again,” says Sasha Souza, an event planner. “I think that results in bridal craziness. I understand that it may be hard to make a decision, but once it’s made, check it off the list and quickly move on to the next thing.”.

8) Don’t Be A Superwoman.
“Brides often understand this idea that they can possibly do everything,” says Terrica R. Skaggs, a wedding and event designer. “They’ll say, ‘it’s less expensive’ or ‘it’s more fun if I do it myself.’ Hoeever, it adopts 240 hours to plan a wedding, so get plenty of help from family, friends, or a wedding planner.”.

9) Don’t Multitask.
“The main thing that always works out really well for my clients is a ‘one task at a time’ planning schedule,” says Kelly McWilliams of WeddingsbySocialites.com. “Allow yourself twelve to fifteen months to plan, and deal with one item on your checklist at a time. Some things will take one hour, others will take three weeks or a month, but having just one goal at a time allows you to focus on the task at hand and not get overwhelmed.”.

10) Keep it Legal.
“One of the most important pieces of advice we give to all of our couples, especially when they’re intending to marry in a foreign country, is to make the legal paperwork the first priority,” says Stephanie Skiba de Garcia, destination wedding planner. “The best suggestion we can offer is to get all of those requirements handled and out of the way in the beginning,” she says.

11) Personalize.
“Special touches are always remarkable,” says Julie Pryor, owner of Pryor Events. The amount of money you put in is really less significant than the thought and care that go into your option of details. Flowers from a neighbor’s garden, heirloom family pictures on display, family dishes used for the menu– each one of these things will make your wedding stand out.

12) Seek out Hidden Treasures.
Related to making it personal, remember the local dollar store, advises Lindsay Wendt-Sheikh, president of Trips Down the Aisle– Weddings on the Go! “You never know what you may happen to find there,” she says. “Something simple and inexpensive may make a surprisingly eye-catching touch or inspire a theme.”.

13) Watch Your Due Dates.
“Carefully watch cut-off and final-payment due dates, and schedule RSVP returns for about two weeks until those dates,” says Geri Simpson, wedding consultant and owner of G. Simpson and Associates, LLC. “That way you will have an exact head count and can change those numbers before a payment is due.”.

14) Take Actions To Be Convenient.
“Break in your wedding shoes! I know this may sound insignificant, but it’s the most overlooked piece of advice that I give to attendants, moms and brides,” says Elise Enloe, a bridal consultant. “Why do girls think they can be on their feet for six to eight hours in a pair of shoes they’ve never worn and not end up with painful blisters? It not only makes you unpleasant, but it detracts from any formal affair when everyone is barefoot as soon as the first dances are over.”.

15) Orchestrate.
Seven to 10 days just before the wedding, call your vendors to validate details. Offer everyone a timeline of the day. The biggest mistake is leaving any of this to chance, warns Emilie Duncan, a professional wedding consultant in Columbus, Ohio.

16) Work with Help For The Big Day.
Despite the fact that you opt for not to hire a wedding planner to handle the bulk of the wedding, at least hire someone for the “day of,” advises Melody Enella, event coordinator for True Love Events & Custom Bridal. “Even if you’re a planner at heart and you’ve got things well under control,” she says, “the best stress reducer is to have somebody professional there, managing the things that can and do come up.”.

17) Take A Break.
“If things get too strenuous, give yourself some time out,” says Duncan. “Walk away for a day, a week or even just go out with your groom-to-be for an evening. Trust me, your wedding planning will be there when you go back to it, and your relationship will be better off in the end if you take care not to overload yourself or him.”.

18) Let The Honeymoon Wait (About For A Few Days).
“We always suggest to our brides that, if at all possible, they should not leave for the honeymoon immediately,” says Michele Landers of Bridal Potpourri. One is that they can spend more time with close relatives and friends who have traveled to attend the wedding.

19) Manage Your Feelings.
“There should be a side-effects warning when you take on the role of organizing the biggest event of your life,” says Sarah Lusardi, a wedding planner and owner of NY Engagements. “It’s easy to acquire sucked into the ‘bridezilla’ zone, where you start sweating bullets over the smallest things that typically you wouldn’t think twice about. Keep a check on your character, and think about the consequences of burning bridges, carrying grudges and thinking ill thoughts when things are not going as smoothly as you want them to.”.

20) Have A Good time !
“My advice is to be in the moment,” says Isha Foss, wedding consultant and owner of Isha Foss Events. “The day goes by so quickly, and you really want to be there, emotionally. Instead, take in the whole reception, and enjoy the people who are there to celebrate your day with you.