Use A Houston Shuttle For Your Events.

At First Class, we get to provide a lot of Houston shuttle services. There are so many ways a shuttle can benefit your group. In this post we’d like to talk about some of them. It’s still dark outside when you wake up, and you didn’t sleep well to begin with.  Even though you carbo loaded the night before, hydrated, and checked that your things were in order before heading to bed, you tossed and turned a lot.  Why?  Because you’ve got a 26.2 mile run ahead of you, that’s why.

And yeah, if you’re smart, you’ve spent months preparing for it.  You’ve put in the time running frequently during the week, and have consistently and gradually upped your mileage on long runs, training your body to run for an extended period of time.  You’ve practiced putting food in your body and continuing to run, becoming accustomed to working out with some type of sustenance in your gut.  You’ve purchased appropriate gear, spent time analyzing your pace and trying to improve your time.  Rain or shine, cold or hot, you’ve ran anyway, worked hard, and been committed to a goal.

But now, here it is.  The months of preparing are over and it’s time for the real deal.  And even though in the big scheme of things it’s not that much different from the 20 miler you did in training, 26.2 can mentally feel so much bigger, looming in front of you like a huge elephant in the room.  You can’t really relax until you just step up to the plate and get it done.  But, all this notwithstanding, runners are crazy people.  Even though we probably won’t be able to, we try to sleep anyway. (Silly us.)

So, sooner than you want it to, your alarm is going off and it’s the ungodly hour of 3:45 in the morning.  This is it.  Ready or not, it’s time.  You get out of bed and begin: get dressed, tie your shoes, stow a couple of GU packs in the pocket of your favorite shorts, splash your face, brush your teeth, swipe some deodorant on.  Check, check, check.  You find your race bib number that you picked up the night before (and the four safety pins that come with it) and put that puppy on.  Wow…it’s all feeling pretty legit at this point. 

You drive yourself to where they’re gonna start busing you to the starting line, cuz if you’re not there by the time the last bus leaves, you’re kind of up a creek without a paddle.  Once you arrive, you get into line to wait for the shuttle.  Mind you, it’s still dark, and standing there in your shorts gets a bit chilly, and sometimes downright cold!  Eventually, you climb aboard and begin the drive to the starting line, and you’re just feeling ready to do this thing.  

Now, maybe you’ve never run a marathon, so this doesn’t really strike close to home.  But most of us have probably had opportunity to be bused to an event of some kind, and here’s why motorcoaches are so great for big-event transportation and a Houston Shuttle.

For one thing, there’s just no better way to transport a bunch of people.  Our coaches can take up to 57 passengers at a time, eliminating a bunch of individual cars that will only clog up the parking lot at the event venue.

They’re spacious and designed with comfort in mind.  Each of the seats are engineered with passenger comfort in mind.  Plus, there are bathrooms on board and individual reading lights for your convenience (hey…they can come in handy if you’re trying to put your bib on or find something last minute while you’re riding). 

They’re better for the environment.  Did you know that motorcoaches are one of the greenest forms of transportation available?  Not hard to see why when you consider all of the exhaust that’s not going into the air when you realize that each rider represents a car that isn’t on the road.

They’re great for stowing gear.  Whether you’re running a marathon or attending a business convention, you’re likely to have things you’re bringing along.  For runners, your drop bags are often taken to the finish line by the buses.  And if you’re heading to a conference, you probably have things to bring along for the presentation you have to give.  For whatever event you’ve involved in, our coaches boast lots of room for anything that needs to come along.  

These are just some of the reasons why choosing a Houston shuttle (First Class Motorcoach) is a smart choice.  And if you’re organizing an event and need shuttle services, call us today!  Our friendly staff will assist you in booking enough coaches to cover your event, and you won’t be able to beat our professional customer service.  Give us a try and let us prove it!

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