Take Along These Extra Four

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Take Along These Extra Four

You wake up on a cold, wintry morning, but it’s that kind of morning that looks full of extra excitement. Powdery snow has fallen for the last week, and accumulations are crazy at the resorts. The temperatures are mild this morning, yet, and the piece of sky that you can see from your bed is clear and beckoning. When you go to the bathroom to splash your face, the whole sky greets you as one big blue blanket and the sun is almost to pop over that horizon and bathe your valley in golden light.

With such a memorable day ahead of you, what are you planning to do?

Ummmmm … go skiing, obviously! What else would you do? There’s nothing quite like getting away up into the mountains to breathe the fresh air, clear your head, work your body, and enjoy some quiet.

You head downstairs for a cup of coffee, a gander at the ‘ole newspaper on the counter, and a bite or two of the muffins your mom sent home with you the night before last. Honestly, you’re just itching to hit the slopes.

When you’re headed up the mountain, you’re not going to forget the basics that you need to get down the mountain. Here are four other things to have along that might make you a little more comfortable and contribute to a better day overall.

Hand warmers. Maybe you’re the person that always has warm feet and hands, but some of us folks are perpetually cold. If you fall into the latter category, you might benefit from purchasing a box of hand warmers at the beginning of the season and bringing some along every time you go. Being able to tuck one in each boot and each glove can go a long way to helping you stay comfortable, especially if it’s a day (or night) that’s particularly chilly.

Sunglasses. You don’t always think about this one, but if you’re headed up to ski when the weather is beautiful out, it can be really bright when the sunlight hits that fresh, white snow. Taking some sunglasses with you can help you to avoid squinting, stinging, watery eyes.

Sunscreen. When you’re busy skiing and enjoying the fun of it, you’re not always thinking about what else is happening– like your face getting fried. Even if you are having fun in the moment, you might look like a lobster later.

Chapstick. When you’re outside all day cruising down the slopes and being exposed to wind and sun, your lips might get a bit dry and start to hurt. It’s a small price to pay for the relief it can give you after you’ve been going for a few hours.

Taking note to bring these simple extras can go a long way to making your day on the mountain a better experience. And yeah, they’re not important, but once you get used to skiing with these added bonus items, you’ll see how much of a difference they make if you end up suddenly without them again. Sometimes it’s the small things that end up making a big difference.