Snacks for Your Student Athlete

Snacks for Your Student Athlete

Since First Class offers student athlete transportation, we know a little about the ins and outs of each youth sporting event.

Are you the mom assigned to bring snacks to your kid’s game?

We’ve all done it, beginning way back when. Little league and t-ball, soccer games, and gymnastic meet, right? If you know what we’re talking about, that means you’re fortunate to have had at least one small person that you care about involved in youth sports. (And if you weren’t the parent, you were the beloved aunt or uncle or grandparent who was coming to support a special young person in your life.)

But, you know the routine. Whether the players were six or sixteen, you may have been asked to bring some snacks for them at halftime or when the game was over. And, for some of you, this isn’t a past-tense thing. You’re still “in the game,” so to speak, assigned to take food to an upcoming tournament in a couple of weeks.

If this is you, here are a few thoughts that might be helpful.

To begin with, think of bringing something that isn’t messy. You don’t want to be out on a field or on a court, trying to figure out the best way to clean a bunch of smudgy, sticky hands. Try to bring something that avoids all of that, like fruit leather.

Remember to bring something cool for the kids to drink. When they have been working hard, and they’re hot, they’ll love coming away for a break and being able to quench their thirst and cool down a bit before having to hit it hard again.

If they’ve been sweating a lot, they’ll likely enjoy something that’s a bit on the salty side. You can help replenish salt levels in the body by keeping this in mind as you take snacks for the group. Pretzels, salted nuts, jerky… you get the idea.

You know what? There’s always that time when the team has finished a meet, and you’re in charge of rewarding them with a treat. And isn’t treat often synonymous with sweet? How about ice cream sandwiches? A favorite candy bar? Cinnamon rolls? Whatever it is… rewarding them after a job well done seems like a great thing to do.

And, regardless of what treat you choose, remember to bring along a trash bag to make cleanup easy (and you might want some wet wipes, too, just in case).

And as for other aspects of coordinating youth sporting events, we can help with at least one thing. Not all events are organized via schools or cities, and sometimes you need to charter a bus for transportation. This is what we specialize in! Learn more here:
While you worry about taking care of the snacks for your student athlete, we can make sure you get there safely and on time!