Seniors: Packing List to Your Next 55+ Motorcoach Tour

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Seniors: Packing List to Your Next 55+ Motorcoach Tour

You have put in your time at your 9-5 and now you’re in retirement and prepared to hit the open road on a motorcoach tour. To help you take advantage of your vacation, we have put together a road trip packing guide for the 55 + motorcoach adventure that is ultimate.

Sunglasses: It might get bright as you journey and though you’ll likely have blinds to pull, it is always nice to have a second form of eye protection.

Hand Sanitizer: Maintain the germs at bay with hand sanitizer available to you at all times. This will allow you actually enjoy your journey and to remain healthy.

Electronics: Phone, camera, iPad, Kindle…. these items can help you to help the time pass and record the minutes you would like to remember. Bring whatever electronic items you feel will improve your vacation, as they are pretty compact.

Snacks: Hanger is a thing that is true and it might cloud. Keep your mood up and bring snacks to keep the hunger at bay!

Layers: Not everybody runs exactly the temperature wise and that means it is wise to have a blanket, and also a jacket or 2, socks which you can put on or take off as needed.

Headphones/Ear Plugs: If you are sensitive to noise, you might want to bring some noise cancelling headphones to listen to provide some peace and quiet to you. This will ensure it is a ton more easily to rest and unwind on your journey.

Your motorcoach tour experience will be really improved by possessing these items all on the charter bus Texas. Make sure to book your retirement tour soon and use our road trip packing guide to make it simple!