One-room Schoolhouses

One-room Schoolhouses, Charter Bus Houston, Texas

One-room Schoolhouses

Electronic bells, numerous children in one school, and classes organized inning accordance with age and grade are just a few these days’s norms that are in stark contrast to schooling for kids in earlier times. Long prior to the vast school complexes of modern times were constructed, children collected in small, one-room schoolhouses for their education.

This kind of schoolhouse was illustrated in the movie “Anne of Green Gables,” and Lucy Maud Montgomery describes the school in her novel in these words:

“The Avonlea school was a whitewashed building low in the eaves and broad in the windows, furnished inside with comfy considerable old-fashioned desks that shut and opened, and were carved all over their covers with the initials and hieroglyphics of three generations of school-children. The schoolhouse was held up from the road and behind it was a dusky fir wood and a brook where all the children put their bottle of milk in the early morning to keep cool and sweet up until dinner hour.”

Exactly what are a few of the big differences between schools back then and today?

To begin with, all of the kids were in one room (thus the name). All grades were integrated in the very same area, and there was one teacher to instruct all of the students, despite the fact that they were at various scholastic levels.

They (clearly) didn’t have the benefit of a furnace to keep the school warm in the winter season, so the teacher was anticipated to get there early enough in the morning to start a fire in the stove. When the kids got here, this would make sure that the space would be warm.

They would have used an outhouse in those days, as they didn’t have contemporary pipes. And they couldn’t simply go to a sink and clean their hands or get a drink. Water needed to be taken and used prudently.

Educators kept a ruler in their desk, and when trainees were out of line and misbehaving, this was one of the penalties they may get. (The kid had to hold out their hand and the instructor would repeatedly strike it with the ruler.).

In those days, children frequently walked to school. This sounds like a far cry from the transportation of today, where kids get picked up by substantial school buses or dropped off by their moms and dads on their way to work.

From practically any angle that you look at it, the education of kids today compared with a century ago is dramatically different. We typically deal with school groups to help get children to school in the early mornings and back home at the end of the day, however we are also readily available to help supply supplemental transportation for great deals of other things like expedition, group travel, senior prom night shuttle bus, and more. For whatever scholastic transport require you may have, we are here to assist you!

(Information for this short article came from these sources: Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomer