Make It Tasting Great

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Make It Tasting Great

While it’s a favorite for special occasions, dinner parties, and sometimes as a way to wind down at the end of a crazy week, you have to be careful with wine so it doesn’t go bad before you open the bottle. Here are things to watch for so your wine will be as expected when you’re ready to serve it.

Temperature. Despite the fact that they both start with W, wine is not like water when it pertains to overlooking temperature. If you drink a glass of warm water, it doesn’t transform the condition of the water whatsoever, except that it’s warmer. However, if the same thing happens to wine, it’s a different story. This is why people acquire wine coolers and fridges to keep their wines at the correct temp, and it’s the impetus behind portable wine coolers when you’ve bought and like to keep it at an appropriate temp until you get home. Actually, if your wine gets hot, it’s toast.

Tannin. When grapes are squeezed, the juice can submerge with the grape skins, and the length of time that the skins and juice marinate together identifies the tannin of a wine. The tannin affects both the feel of the wine in your mouth, including the taste. For some more deets on tannins, this article has some helpful 411:

Oxidation of the wine. If you’ve ever wondered why wine doesn’t taste the same if you leave your glass on the counter overnight, it’s because once you’ve exposed it to the air, oxygen starts to mix with the wine and the taste is affected. Swirling it a little bit allows an initial mix of oxygen with the wine and releases some of the flavor when you’re getting ready to taste it.

The type of glass you use. News flash: All those differently shaped wine glasses … are they just for fancy show? Check out this article as a reference, but a camera was actually developed to photograph the vaporization process of various wines once they’re poured into a glass, and they’re not all the same. Since smell influences taste in such a prominent way, it’s a good idea to use a wine glass that is shaped to favor the type of wine (and its vaporization process) that you’re providing in it.

And, this last one is a no-brainer. The grapes you utilize make all the difference. No matter if you’re making red wine, white wine, or mixing some new grape varietals together for a fresh blending, you’ll get a several taste. Guaranteed.

And one final side note to expect? Whether your wine is corked or not, still that impacts the taste, too. To better recognize what a “corked wine” is and how it happens, have a look at this helpful article:

In such manner, while you cannot leave your wine out in a hot car like you can with water, being mindful of these things will allow you avoid opening a spoiled bottle– cuz that’s constantly a disappointment. Keep it cool, bear in mind tannin, and ensure to not let it sit out, use the right stemware, and be sure to buy your favorite vintages that highlight the grapes you like most. Do those things and you can’t go wrong.

Plus, if you’re curious in learning more about grape varietals, touring vineyards, and being introduced to new vino as you taste various combinations, call us to set up a wine tour today. This is a great activity to take pleasure in with friends, and you can unwind and enjoy the vineyards while we take care of the driving!