Learning from Laird

Learning from Laird, Charter Bus Houston

Learning from Laird

We all want role models for our kids. In every discipline, there are. The things they are passionate about change and their stories are different, but it’s always interesting and inspiring to hear about their lives and the philosophies they subscribe to. We are all familiar with large names in basketball and football, but in the world of big wave surfing, Laird Hamilton is pretty much the bomb.

Surfer magazine claims Laird is “the sport’s most complete Surfer, showing almost unnerving experience in a multitude of disciplines, and flat out surfing’s biggest, boldest, bravest, and…best big wave surfer in the world today, bar none.” That is how great he is, and if you see him surf a giant tide, you will pretty much wind up spellbound. He does things that most people would not even have the courage to try, and he’s lived his life pushing the envelope to research what he’s capable of.

It’s hard to rub shoulders with someone who has lived like that rather than have any of their excitement inspire you. Lewis Howes (the guy behind The College of Greatness podcast) interviewed Laird to talk with him about various elements of his lifetime, and below are a few of the things he had to say.

***He offered Thoreau who said: “Disobedience is the real Foundation of liberty, and the obedient shall be slaves” He explained that he’s a friend that pertains to him as a contrarian, but it appears that Laird totally believes in being true to himself. You can not do what everyone else is doing only because they are doing it or it is expected. You need to be who you are rather than adapting to something that doesn’t ring true for you.

***He talked about being at the NOW–residing in the current moment Of what you are experiencing, and that’s something which happens whenever you’re on a tide. He said: “The act of riding a wave really has no beginning and no ending–it’s just a point of where you left off. …There’s endings of rides and starts of rides, but browsing itself–the act of riding the wave, that movement, that sense–that is only a location where there’s no moment; there is no beginning and no end. That is the reason why we search it out.” These types of experiences make us “in the zone,” harness our energy, and need an extreme focus that is clarifying.

***He discussed his decision to stop drinking, but what he said About that adventure was really enlightening. He explained that his mom was fond of this quote: “If you can not be true to your self, you can not be accurate to anybody.” He realized that perhaps he wasn’t being truthful to himself by saying that he could quit drinking when he wasn’t really doing it. He started to wonder how devoted he could truly be in his connections if this type of inconsistency manifest itself in other areas of his life. That drive to be honest and honor his convictions led him to quit drinking cold turkey.

***He said, “If there were no waves, there’d be no life.” Without storms that bring moisture, life could not exist. He thinks this is true for us also; as individuals, we also need “storms” in our lives to churn up us and help us grow.

***He believes a great deal of gratitude that he’s been able to make a Career from something which he enjoys, and noted: “I am about some of the wealthiest individuals on the planet and that I feel sorry for them since with all that abundance of riches, they don’t have what’s the best gift–the greatest treasure–which is…having great relations, but finally, fantastic experiences, …[the] ones who you can’t purchase. …You can not buy ability and you can’t buy experience. You have to make it and you have to learn it.” What a wonderful piece of wisdom to pass on to our young folks: If you’ve got a dream and desire to experience certain things, you are likely to have to set in the time and also the work in order to learn the skill, and then earn the adventures that come as you live that ability.

***He reflected on the importance of being honest, being able to acknowledge when you are wrong and apologize, loving authentically, and being a reliable person that people can count on.

***He is a lover of this expression: “Speed and take opportunities.” He said This “caution can ruin the kitty,” but being prepared to speed and take opportunities hones your focus and opens doors –and you never know what will come from it.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to see this man on a surfboard, start looking for a few clips. If you have a young athlete at your house, you could inspire them whatever their sport by introducing them to Laird’s narrative and speaking together about a few of his or her predecessors. Do not we want our kids to be affected by those who are willing to take opportunities and work toward their dreams?

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