Inspiration from Amy Purdy

Amy Purdy, Charter Bus Rental Houston

Inspiration from Amy Purdy

For many of us, major setbacks can shut us down emotionally, preventing us from working to achieve our dreams. But that isn’t something which could be said of Amy Purdy. She is a woman known for many things, such as being a contestant on Dancing with the Stars and a bronze medalist at boardercross in the Paralympic Games in Sochi in 2014.

If you know anything about Amy’s story, however, where she has come from is fairly incredible. You would never guess, by way of example, that she spent nearly three months of her life in the hospital, fighting to stay alive. And you really wouldn’t know that she’s a handicap (except that you can see it), since she has not let it hold her back.

Though she grew up skiing, she got to ski when she was 15 and fell in love with it. One of her fantasies was to traveling the world and snowboard, but all that could have seemed gone, in a minute, when her life changed radically in an unexpected turn.

On what started as a regular day when she was 19, she started to feel ill and believed she was experiencing the start of the flu. Within just 24 hours, though, she was diagnosed with a form of bacterial meningitis which led to septic shock, and she’d been given practically no chance of survival by the physicians attending her attention. To say that things did not look optimistic could be an understatement.

Throughout the whole procedure, but she maintained a deliberate, practical approach to getting through the encounter. In her own words, she said that she essentially looked like this:”Only do what you have got to do this I can get on with my life” She kept looking forward and setting goals, including deciding, in the very instant she was wheeled into the surgery that would amputate both of her thighs, she’d snowboard that same year.

And the crazy thing? She did, roughly seven months following her operation. (#blownawayrightnow)

Most of us would not Even try it. And even if we did, we’d probably stop if we had the encounter she had the very first time she attempted.

She’d imagined what it’d be similar to when she returned to the slopes, feeling the wind in her face, having the ability to browse the mountain how she always needed. And when it actually came time to try it, she managed to successfully eliminate the elevator. However, as she began to proceed from there, things got mad. She struck a bump, her feet came off, and took off, strapped to her board, down the mountain.

Regardless of the discouragement that accompanied that experience, she didn’t stop. Rather, she kept moving, getting a world-class snowboarder regardless of her or his impediment, and going beyond it to bless the world with her story and her work. Among other things, she is a motivational speaker, advocate and co-founder of Flexible Action Sports (a company focused on making sports a fact for those with disabilities), and an Olympian.

In 2014, she took the bronze medal in boardercross at the Sochi Paralympic Games, the first games in which snowboarding was included as a game. Being at the Olympic village was a strong experience for her, as she came to understand that the infection that could have been the tragedy of her life really became the impetus behind what she had become. Her battle had become her power, making amazing opportunities she would not have envisioned before her hard journey started.

In an interview with Lewis Howes, she spoke about the energy that comes when you decide that you are going to DO something. Not believing that it’s something you want to do or something you’d like to perform, but something you are likely to do. Her motto of”LIVE INSPIRED,” is something she talks and walks, and it’s led her to perform great things. She believes in doing what motivates you, not doing anything to attempt to inspire others. In following your heart, you can bless the world.

Wow. What a story.

Sports are a cherished pastime for lots of people, and this often starts from when we are small. And for kids who really love to play, it’s not uncommon to have heroes to look up to, professional athletes who have dominated their match. It is probably a safe bet to say that Amy Purdy would surely be someone we would not mind our children admiring. If they took a few life lessons from her playbook, we’d probably be fine with that.

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