Houston Culinary Tour

Houston Culinary Tour

There’s no better way to get to know a place than by getting to know its food. There’s value in “that one place that has been on the corner for decades,” a story behind each of the restaurants that become local favorites. When you travel, you definitely see and appreciate historic landmarks, but experiencing local cuisine is a definite perk too! We’ve been in the group transportation business for a long time, and facilitating Houston culinary tours is something we love to do. Why you might ask, would you want to book a culinary tour with us?

We’d like to answer that question by sharing six things we focus on at First Class. 

Equipment Quality. Our fleet vehicles are professional and clean, inside and out. Nobody loves riding in a dirty car, and it’s super convenient to ride as a group when you’re headed out for good eating and a great time!

Customer Service. We want our customers to have the very best when they ride with us, and that doesn’t just refer to transportation. Because we live in this area, we use our local knowledge to organize culinary tours and provide curbside transportation to every stop. When you book a tour with us, you can pick up local information, enjoy delicious food, and not worry about driving in the city or parking.

Maintenance and safety. Listen, nobody wants to be starving and then have to wait to eat because of car troubles. (Hangry is a real thing, folks.) We certainly don’t want to be en route to some delicious samples on a culinary tour and have something go wrong with the coach. This is just one reason why we make regular maintenance inspections on all of our vehicles a priority in our company. And we’re safe too: our company has the highest safety rating given by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration! 

Staff and drivers. Honestly? Culinary tours are a party, and our drivers are friendly and fun. (No “bump on a log” here!) When you schedule us for the driving, we’ll make sure you have a great time! 

Amenities. When you eat amazingly delicious food, don’t you want to tell everyone about what you ate and where? Our coaches have WiFi on board, and while we drive to the next location, you can share the pic of your delicious meal on social media. (Other perks include a bathroom on board, power outlets, video screens, and an A/V system too.)

Pricing. Our prices are competitive and fair. Our pledge to you is that you’ll get what you pay for in terms of service, quality, and overall experience. We want you to feel like your money was well spent! 

Ready for some tasty food yet? We hope you’ll consider us when you decide to book a Houston culinary tour! You can learn more about our culinary tours here: https://www.firstclasstours.net/services-in-use/culinary-tours/