Helpful Apps for Concert Goers

Apps for Concert Goers, Charter Bus Rental Houston, Texas

Helpful Apps for Concert Goers

There seems to be an app for everything in today times, and this is true when it pertains to concerts, too. Here are 5 apps we think you might enjoy if you’re a music junkie and love following your favorite artists and seeing them in concert when you can.

Bands in town Concerts. This is a good, overall music concert app, with a solid 5-star rating from over 700 users. You can also purchase tickets through the app for the concerts that you’re interested in attending.

NPR Music. When you think about NPR, you certainly consider all the cool conversations and things they do. Efficiently, this app has that, but for the music world. Enjoy interviews of artists and bands that you appreciate, and gain access to 100 public radio stations and videos of performances by the singers whose sound you have fun with.

SoundScope. This is a convenient app to have if you’re wondering what the nightlife seems like in a certain place. When you’re looking for something to do, you can search by music preference to find stuff that’s going down in your area on any given night.

SeatGeek Tickets. As the name entails, this app is just about tickets. Search to find the most suitable prices on tickets for a concert you want to enjoy, or make use of the app to sell tickets that you have if you can’t make the concert anyway. You can also give tickets to friend or family, and keep track of when your favorite artists will be in your area. One other thing? If it’s a seat you’d like, the app allows you to see the view from your potential seat choice before purchasing so you can see. For a related idea on the seating side of things, you can also browse through A View From My Seat. The reviews on this app are all given by the users who have uploaded photos from seats in various arenas, with referrals and feedback that can let you choose where you intend to sit when you go to the same venue.

StagePage. For the person that joins concerts like a maniac, this app is a great way to keep a record of the shows you’ve seen. We’re not exactly sure we should use the word “scrapbook” for fear of scaring away the male audience here, but it’s sort of a way of memorializing the concerts you’ve joined and putting them together. You can mix photos, videos, a picture of your ticket stub, as well as write some thoughts about the experience for each individual concert you attend. It’s a concise way to put your keepsakes all together.

When you’re going out to see another big star, or if you’ve just found out a smaller gig that has a sound you love, these apps can allow make your whole experience more positive. If you want to get great prices on tickets, look for the best seats, or recap the show in a meaningful way, these apps will guide you do just that!