FAQs from Tour Operators

FAQs from Tour Operators

As a group transportation provider, we have had the privilege of providing great transportation services for tour groups. Are you trying to decide which transportation provider to work with? The following questions and answers will hopefully help you get to know us better. Here are the most commonly FAQs from our tour operators. 

How many people can your vehicles accommodate? 

Our motorcoaches can seat up to 55 passengers. We also have other fleet vehicles that enable us to better serve smaller groups. One of our customer service agents will help you find the vehicle that best meets your needs.

What amenities do you have available onboard for passengers?

In addition to comfortable seating, our motorcoaches have WiFi, power outlets, TV screens, an A/V system, and a bathroom as well. We focus on providing your customers with the best in both comfort and convenience. 

Are children welcome?

Of course! We have families of our own, and we love to work with people of all ages. Whether your tour group entails families with lots of children or senior citizens on a sightseeing trip, we are happy to take care of you.

Are you able to accommodate passengers with wheelchairs?

Yes! If some of the members of your group are in wheelchairs, please mention it to one of our customer service agents when you are booking, and we’ll take care of the necessary arrangements. 

How do you ensure that your fleet vehicles are safe?

Safety is a top priority at First Class. Our maintenance technicians routinely inspect all of our vehicles and address any potential concerns before they become problems. We also maintain the highest safety rating given by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

How do I know that your drivers are safe?

We carefully screen our drivers before they are hired, and we comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s regulations for drivers. (For example, our drivers can only drive so many hours before they are required to rest. We want our drivers to be well-rested and alert when on the road.)

Can our driver pick us up and drop us off at specific locations?

Yes! We focus 100% on your itinerary. When you charter our services, we will get you wherever you need to be, whenever you need to be there. It is our privilege to serve you!

Do you have storage space available on the bus?

Yes! If you need to bring lunches, luggage, or extra gear along, our undercarriage storage areas are well-suited for these types of things. 

Do you provide transportation services on weekends?

Yes! When you book with us, we cater our services to your schedule. 

We hope that these FAQs from our tour operators are helpful! If we haven’t addressed your question in this post, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We love working with tour operators and their tour groups, and we hope to have the privilege of working with you! To request a quote, follow this link: https://portal.firstclasstours.net/Quotation