Everyone Recognizes Martha!

Martha Stewart, Charter Bus Houston

Everyone Recognizes Martha!

When you’re preparing to host a party and want just the right embellishments to fit the theme, what do you do? You probably head to Pinterest and browse through pin after pin to get ideas if you’re like most of us. But way before social media or Google, there was Martha Stewart, a woman identified for her expertise in all things homemaking, decorating, and fooding. Bottom line? If you wanted the cutest invitations, the totally adorned table, or to be the house in your neighborhood with the most ideal holiday designs, she was your “go to.” Her books, magazine, websites, and television shows have made her an everyday name in American households. Everyone knows Martha.

Martha is one of six children born to Eddie and Martha Kostyra. She learned her way around the kitchen and what to do with fabric, needles and thread from her mother, and it was from her father that she acquired a love of working in the dirt. These foundational, elementary skills became basic foundation of the business realm she would eventually establish.

You’d think she would have studied something like interior design in school, given what she’s known for, but not so. And while her business ventures were, at one time, split into various factions, she eventually combined all of them under the umbrella name of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

Not all of her story has a sunny side, though. She served prison time for five months because of some business dealings in the stock market. Following her release from prison, however, she got right back on the horse and started working tirelessly to make a comeback. Irrespective of whether prison time had blackened her name in public opinion or not, she didn’t let it outshine her dreams or ambitions for the future.

While she may not be the very first result to pop up when you type “party decorating ideas” into Google’s search box nowadays, she still makes the first page. And really, it’s for effective reason. When it comes to these kinds of things, she knows what she’s doing, and has for a long, long time. And it’s likely that, if you’re scheduling a party, you just might use one of her suggestions.

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