Driver Safety Campaign

Driver Safety Campaign

FCT will give all operators a $25 Visa Gift card who are accident free from September 1 through September 30, 2021!  Read on for more details:

Who is eligible?

  • All fulltime operators
  • Part time operators that work every week for the next 4 weeks
  • On Call/Casual operators that work at least 30 hours in the next 4 weeks


How do you qualify for the $25?

  • No preventable accidents
  • No preventable slip trips and falls by customers
  • No employee injuries


How can you focus on being accident free?

  • Stay vigilant with your defensive driving skills
  • No unnecessary backing
  • Watch your speed. Aim 1-2 MPH below posted speed.
  • Use your Triple LC defensive driving techniques:
    • Look Ahead
    • Look Around
    • Leave room and Communicate!!
  • Say “no” to anything that you feel is unsafe
  • Seek assistance in tough situations
  • Do your homework before you leave so that you know the area you will be driving in
  • Report to work on time so that you are not rushed or feel pressured to not follow safe driving procedures
  • Do not get complacent in the areas you know well, time is on your side
  • Give your safety speech, every time
  • Post at the door of the bus while loading and unloading every time.
  • Ensure you and our customers use 3 points of contact while entering and exiting the bus


When will I get my gift card?

  • The Operator Safety Campaign will begin on 09/01/2021 through 9/30/2021