Deciding on a Hotel for Your Sports Team

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Deciding on a Hotel for Your Sports Team

When booking travel for their youth sports teams, there are two main things that most coaches and parents need to deal with. The first is often transportation. Our team of experts works day in and day out to offer teams with the travel services that make their travels safe and comfortable. Transportation is only the first part of the puzzle; the next is booking your hotel rooms.

There are lots of sites and apps out there that can be used for booking rooms but many of them are very well suited for individuals or small groups. They can however be very helpful to find what is available in any give region and to create a list of whom you will get in touch with.

As soon as you come with a listing of hotels that you want, utilize the list below to narrow your search to one that will generate the rooms and deal you need to make your travel dollars go even more.

Group Size

When choosing a hotel, the size of your group is one of the things that you will need to consider. Choosing between a hotel or motel setting or availability of rooms that are close to one another is something to think about.

In case you have a big group you will need to find a hotel that can fit everyone that will be going to the event. You will also have to take into consider is the size of the rooms provided. If you opt to share rooms you will have to account for this decision at the same time. When choosing a hotel that meets your needs, the size of your group must be taken into consideration.

Group Rates

When choosing a hotel for your group is the availability of group rates, an important thing to consider. Group rates are rates that are billed at an affordable price for a specific number of people in your party.


Considering that you are taking a trip with a group, you will need to consider the types of entertainment offered at the hotel. If it is in the winter or an indoor/outdoor pool in warmer weather, you may want a hotel with an indoor pool. Furthermore, does the hotel have a gym, or a place where the team can work out together?

Number of Rooms

When you are thinking about conveniences at the hotel one more thing to think about is the number of rooms that you will need. While this is a part of the size of your party it is also vital because you will need to guarantee that the hotel has the room available to satisfy you and your group. You will need to book your hotel well ahead of the meet in order that you will have the lot of rooms that you need.


Another vital factor is the span to and from the event. A hotel that is over an hour far from the venue may save some money but after a long tournament day can seem like an eternity. Distance can likewise lend itself to traffic and other things that can delay you getting where you will need to be with a lot of time to get your team ready.

Team Room

While you are opting for a hotel, consider whether or not you need to have a room for the team to get together with. This room can serve as a great place hang out and have a pizza with your team mates after the games. Oftentimes, if you block enough overnight rooms at a hotel, they will offer you a team room for free.

Distance to Attraction

If you have planned to check out nearby attractions, consider the distance to these attractions. If you have a limited amount of time to see all of the attractions, this is especially important.

When deciding on a hotel for your meet, there are many things to consider. As soon as you have opted for what you need for your stay look for a hotel with the best rates that fit all of your requirements.