How Can I Learn if My Tour Bus Is Safe to Ride?

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How Can I Learn if My Tour Bus Is Safe to Ride?

Each time you’re taking part in group travel, it may be a little disturbing to hand the reigns over to somebody else. Reserving a motorcoach for your future group tour makes a lot of sense; they’re practical, energy efficient, comfortable, and easily suit a large group. When you’re used to doing the driving, it might make you a little nervous to have someone else behind the wheel, especially if you don’t know them, their record, or the safety standards associated with their company.

If this inflicts you some anxiety and you’d like to do a bit investigation before selecting a company for the job, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has developed a great reference for you to use. You can search several company names and see their ratings over the past 24 months in these five categories: unsafe driving, hours-of-service compliance, vehicle maintenance, controlled substances and alcohol, and driver fitness. By determining the records of a few companies that you are considering, you’ll have the ability to make the safest choice, depended on the statistical history of each company.

On the Safety page, scroll down until you see the heading Company Safety Record Websites and select Search Bus/Passenger Carrier Safety Records from the options below. On the following page that will pull up, you’ll be able to search by company name or by the type of vehicle you plan to reserve (buses, vans, or limos, for example) and review their safety statistics.

If the company you’re looking at making use of isn’t mentioned, call them directly to request their safety reports, and inquire about how they decide on their drivers, what requirements they have, how often the vehicle has routine maintenance inspections, and any other concerns or questions you might have. If they respond like it is a nuisance, remember that you are giving them business, and your request is completely reasonable.

Knowledge is power, and by utilizing this feature or inquiring and calling from each company directly, you’ll have the capacity to feel confident that your transportation specialist is both reliable and secure, and enable you to relax, knowing that your group is safe in their hands. Happy researching!