5 Reasons A Coach Is Safe

5 Reasons A Coach Is Safe

We often hear that motorcoaches are much safer than riding in a regular passenger vehicle, a coach is safe but why?

For starters, let’s state the obvious: they’re just big. Bottom line. There’s no doubt that size definitely works in your favor in the safety department. If you’re in a Honda Accord, a coach would be a pretty formidable something to meet on the road. Honestly, if we were choosing to be in one of those vehicles when they collided, we’d choose the coach, hands down. Pretty sure you would, too.

They aren’t exactly associated with speed. Let’s face it…nobody ever sees a bus turn out for a few laps around the race track. Though they are built for comfort when traveling at freeway speed, they’re typically pretty conservative on the road, and this contributes to their overall safety.

Check out our safety rating from FMCSA. In order to maintain a high safety rating, certain standards have to be met, from the number of hours a driver is allowed to work before needing to take a break to other important regulations. This rating ensures that our company has your safety in mind.

Driver hiring standards. Let it be known: we don’t just hire anybody. It is of the utmost importance to us that we don’t compromise the safety of any who choose to ride with us. Accordingly, we are very careful about who we put behind the wheel. We have a stringent hiring process to ensure that only those whose personal behaviors, training, and experience make them a great choice for our company and our passengers.

Routine maintenance checks. In addition to complying with all regulations to be able to qualify for a high safety rating and being very careful about who we choose to drive for us, we also take care of our fleet, too. All of our vehicles undergo routine maintenance checks to ensure that everything is in fine order and won’t compromise the safety for anyone aboard.

So, next time someone asks why riding with us is safer than taking your own car, here are five reasons you can list right away. A coach is safe, when you ride in a motorcoach you choose safety again and again! Learn more by following this link: https://www.firstclasstours.net