3 Good Reasons You Can Depend on Us!

Good Reasons You Can Depend on Us, Bus Rental Houston

3 Good Reasons You Can Depend on Us!

Anytime you jump in a vehicle that another person is driving, it puts you in a susceptible position. And even if you are behind the wheel, you can’t account for all the other folks when driving that may not be specifically safe. That notwithstanding, this fact still remains: when you drive with someone else, your safety is in their hands.

As a motorcoach company, we take into account this all the time because we’re busy transporting groups to various locations and safety is something we don’t take lightly. And sure, everyone knows that buses are among the safest modes of transportation on the road, by virtue of their sheer size alone. We have more concrete evidence for you than that. As a company, we follow the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) safety standards for motorcoaches. Seems like a mouthful right? While that implies a lot of things, below are three important things you’ll like knowing, as they’ll enable you to feel good about your choice to ride with us. You don’t just need to assume what we say; you can know the standards we operate by verifying that safety is the name of our game.

We abide by strict stipulations regarding our drivers. There are set rules for the length of time a driver can be behind the wheel before they should take a mandatory break. We observe these regulations to assure that our drivers are well-rested. When we have passengers on board, it is vital that our drivers are alert, careful, and aware.

Second, our drivers have to adhere to drug and compound testing regulations. This one goes and is a no-brainer without saying, but here it is: if there’s any sign of drug use or intoxication, there’s no other way they will ever drive one of our vehicles. Period. It’s that simple.

Accordingly, we follow the standards set by the FMCSA regarding vehicle maintenance and inspections. This helps us confidently tell our customers that they are safe when they ride with us, because we are regularly checking everything to ensure that each coach is up to operating standard.

Therefore, next time you’re chartering a coach for your group function, book with us! These are three solid reasons you can feel good about counting on us. We prioritize your satisfaction, safety, and comfort!