10 Recommendations from Brides for Brides

Recommendations from Brides for Brides, Houston Texas Party Bus

10 Recommendations from Brides for Brides


Let People Assist You.
Type A brides keep in mind. “I am a major control freak and didn’t want anyone to help– I was afraid if I quit power it wouldn’t be my wedding anymore,” confesses Karinda Hersman from Stevensville, Montana. “I wish I had let my mom and maid of honor helping so I wasn’t doing everything by myself. They weren’t attempting to takeover, they just wished to enjoy the process with me. And don’t worry when something fails, because it will. At the end of the day, you will be married to the love of your life, and isn’t that the ultimate goal?”

Don’t Fret Over Fine Details.
“Little details are totally unimportant after the fact,” says Charlotte Milling from Olympia, Washington. When I decided I wanted to go for a run between the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, both of our families and bridal party did our own Rehearsal Day 5K. It gave us all a second to step back from the chaos, engage in something fun, and bond in a way that wouldn’t have been possible at the wedding alone.

Sweat to Stress Less.
Catherine Charon from Richmond, Virginia also used exercise to channel her nerves. “I trained for my first half-marathon in the months leading up to my wedding. Whenever I got stressed over details or conflicts I went out for a run. It was a wonderful way to clear my head and by the time I went back, I felt like I could take care of anything. Plus, I was in the best shape of my life when I walked down the aisle 20 days after the race (and I finished in 2:01!).”

Assign a Fireman.
Although the overall planning procedure is smooth sailing, there can always be a glitch at the last minute. “I had decided early on that I would not get stressed about my wedding,” says Corri Lewellen from Jefferson City, Missouri. “I made it until two days before when the bakery called to say they couldn’t make the cake I had ordered and paid for. I stayed calm, picked a different style, and moved on. The morning of my wedding, the bakery called my cell phone to tell me they wouldn’t have the chance to deliver the cake to the reception site. I was upset but hate fight, so I found someone with a van who could go pick it up. Problem solved? Never. Just before I am getting ready to walk down the aisle (literally), the delivery guy I just hired calls to say the bakery won’t release the cake to him because he doesn’t have a receipt. Now totally distressed, my mom grabbed the phone, had a heated discussion with the bakery, and handled the situation.”

“Recalling, I wish I had designated someone to handle those calls and put out those fires. If you don’t have a wedding coordinator, assign your mom, maid of honor, or someone else who can calmly and firmly handle last minute flare-ups.”

Be True to You.
“Be yourself!” says Presley Salmon of North Augusta, South Carolina. “Do your very own makeup, wear a dress you are comfortable in, and practice dancing in your wedding shoes. Get another pair if they don’t feel right. Nothing is more beautiful than a bride who is having a good time.”

When to Save, Know.
To avoid money woes, make a list of things you are willing to bargain on and what you want to splurge on before you start planning. “I was really stressed about sticking to a budget for my wedding,” says Michelle Petrillo of Florham Park, New Jersey.

Try It On Before Go Time.
This might seem like open secret to some, but for panicked planners like Katie Young from Narragansett, Rhode Island, it can be an important reminder. “I took up my bridal gown and hung it up in the hotel room two days before the wedding. I didn’t try it on until it was time to go to the church. When my maid of honor zipped me up, she gulped. Fully zipped, the dress fell to the ground. I looked into the tag to check it out was a size 14, and I am a size 2. We called the dress shop and they recognized their mistake. They rushed my dress over but I was 30 minutes late to the ceremony. Lesson learned– make sure it is your dress when you pick it up!”

Exercise Cravings Away.
“I made it through wedding planning by spending 45 minutes on the elliptical each time I needed to make a hard decision,” says Mary Jo Howell of Fort Worth, Texas. “This kept me from stress eating and got me in shape for my wedding day.”

Think About Yourself.
“I was ridiculously stressed by the idea that our guests wouldn’t appreciate our wedding,” says Claudia Anel of Jersey City, New Jersey. “I went crazy about details all day for weeks leading up to the big day, I was so miserable. Ultimately the day of, I realized that every person at our wedding was there to be happy for us. We had 105-degree temperature and an outdoor ceremony, but all of our guests beamed with fun for us anyway. My advice to any bride-to-be is to trust that the important people in your life want the best for you. Knowing that will soothe of everything.”

Always Remember.
“Three words,” says Joyce Hanz of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My hubby and I cancelled our traditional wedding and eloped at a place we adore. We stayed for a week honeymooning and have nothing but magical memories of our day.”